BDU awards professorship

BDU: The University’s Administrative Board in its regular meeting held on 11 April, 2014 awarded professorship to one of the long-serving, 1993-present, staff in the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Abiy Yigzaw Filate who has contributed enormously both in the academic and administrative realms.
Having a large number of research articles published on both national and international journals, Dr Abiy has been promoted from the status of Associate Professor to full Professor. The professorship was awarded to Dr. Abiy in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and this makes him the first professor in the area in Ethiopia.
Dr. Abiy has played a key role in designing both undergraduate and postgraduate curricula of the Department of English Language and Literature. He has served as the Postgraduate Program Coordinator of the Faculty of Humanities in which he initiated the faculty’s Friday forum which, currently, is a very exemplary intellectual discourse platform in the University.
Sharing his professional experiences and advice, Dr.Abiy has relentlessly contributed to both private and public universities in Ethiopia. He has previously served in BDU’s Foreign Relations Affairs, and he is currently working as the Director of External Relations and Partnerships in the Office of the Vice President for Information and Strategic Communication. He has also served as the first head of BDU’s Registrar and the Head of English Department.
Having played a key role in the establishment of the Forum of Universities in Amhara Region, Dr. Abiy is currently working as the secretary of the Forum. He has participated in different community services both as a member and a secretary. In addition to his participation in the design of BDU’s legislation, Dr. Abiy has also contributed significantly as team leader in BDU’s BPR and BSC reforms, and he is currently contributing a lot in the university’s vision of 2025, a vision to become one of the 10 premier research universities in Africa.