Brief background about Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities (FoH) was established in November 2008 following the split of the then Faculty of Education into different faculties and colleges. FoH possesses some of the oldest departments with very experienced and senior academic staff in the fields of humanities.

In a decade long journey, the faculty’s academic and administrative staff have significantly increased in number. They have also enhanced their expertise to meet the demands of program expansion and the large number of students who join the faculty    every year.

FoH is also engaged in research and community service undertakings in the areas of language, culture, literature and communications. Besides doing practical and community-oriented researches on prioritized themes in the respective departments, the Faculty’s academic staff also offer consultancy services in the fields of humanities. Since its establishment, the faculty has contributed a lot to fulfill the university’s missions and visions through different fields of language & literature, journalism & communication, and cultural studies.

The Faculty comprises eight undergraduate, ten MA, and four PhD programs. Currently, FoH accommodates a total of 5,023 students in all its programs, undergraduate and postgraduate. 

The Faculty provides students with profound skills of language teaching, communication as well as cultural and   literary explorations. The programs produce graduates who can critically examine texts, communicate       effectively, and understand cultures of     communities. Besides, it is one of the very few forerunners in terms of PhD education expansion, size and production. Embarking hugely upon TEFL, currently there are also doctoral programs in Literature, in Media and Communication, and in Teaching Amharic.

The Faculty of Humanities is also making a considerable stride in knowledge dissemination by launching its scholarly and peer-reviewed journal (Ethiopian Journal of Language, Culture and Communication - EJLCC) with international and local advisory board.