Maritime Academy inaugurated

BDU:The University has inaugurated a new facility built at Ba’ata for the Maritime Academy. The inauguration took place up on the presence of high-ranking government officials, university community and invited guests. On the event 71 Marine engineers and 107 Electro-technicians who had been trained for the last six months have been graduated.

Minister of Ministry of Education, Shiferaw Shigute,has pointed out on the inauguration event that Maritime Academy is one of the institutions in Ethiopia that immensely contribute to the current endeavor of assuring human resource development in the country, guided by the principles of democratic developmental state. “Our government is channeling experiences, skills and knowledge on the creation of wealth”, Shiferaw underlined.

Confirming that the field of engineering is the back bone in the national development program, Shiferaw has urged the graduates to represent their country as true ambassadors in carrying out their duties and responsibilities with great virtue, honesty and courage. So far, Shiferaw said, through employing more than 550 marine engineers in different international shipping companies, the academy has witnessed the possibility of graduating cadets who meet the global standards.

The government of Ethiopia, according to Shiferaw, in its effort to realize the Growth and Transformation Plan, focuses on the field of engineering. And hence, a large number of citizens are graduating every year in engineering. These graduates, in addition to picking up jobs in government firms, are needed to be encouraged take part in entrepreneurships. The government of Ethiopia, he confirmed, encourages and supports endeavors of this type.

Bahir Dar University sets a good example for other Ethiopian Higher Institutions in discharging this national responsibility of training skilled cadets with good skills and characters. The minister has also stressed that the good practices of the academy could be taken by other institutions. He has indicated that the academy is a living witness of the possibility of changing people in skills and character through hard work and commitment.

He has also promised, on the behalf of the government of Ethiopia, that the government will continue its relentless assistance to the academy in its endeavor of employing 1000 marine engineers in international shipping companies in the coming three years.

Thanking those who have brought the idea of launching Maritime Academy in Ethiopia, especially the late prime minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi, who believed that Ethiopia could also run a world-class maritime institution and demonstrated a courageous leadership in the brief history of the academy right from its inception, BDU’s president, Dr.Baylie Damtie, has stressed that Ethiopia is a nation where the possibility of training world-class marine engineers who meet the global standard and who could proudly serve in international shipping companies is demonstrated.

This beautiful construction, Dr.Baylie said, on this magnificent place is the work of our own visionary leaders, engineers, architects and Construction Company. “This is a true example that there is nothing that we can’t do if we are united under a common purpose. Above all, this facility is not an end in itself, but it is a means to an end which is achieving that noble goal of assuring Ethiopia’s future leadership in the realm of maritime technology.” Dr.Baylie added.

Dr.Baylie has also indicated that the trainees, being employed in international shipping companies, could transform their own lives and could hopefully establish their own companies and expand Ethiopia’s horizon of participation in international business. He urged the graduating cadets to serve with honest, responsibility and commitment since they represent their proud nation.