History and Timeline

July 2010: Began Operations

August 2010: EMTI selected its initial 20 Ethiopian Cadets to train in Israel at the Akko Institute. These Cadets received 2 week “Familiarization Voyages” on various ships     around the world prior to beginning their academic training

September 2010:

EMTI is hosted at the Foreign Ministry by H.E. Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin to launch its initial training program. EMTI

EMTI hosts its Inauguration Ceremony in Addis attended by hundreds of distinguished guests under the Auspices of the Minister of Transportation, H.E. Diriba Kuma 

March 2011:

The first 20 EMTI Cadets graduate from the Akko Institute in Israel

The Prime Minister, H.E. Meles Zenawi, hosts EMTI S.C. and its Cadets at the Prime Minister’s Office and issues his support for EMTI’s mission to establish Ethiopia a major exporter of skilled labor to the international shipping industry

EMTI begins training its second group of 23 Cadets in Israel

EMTI recruits its 166 Cadets from Bahir Dar University to be the first group of Cadets training in Ethiopia at Bahir Dar University

April 2011:

EMTI begins construction of a large-scale training campus at Bahir Dar University to conduct all of its Marine Engineering training in Ethiopia

The training campus will host state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and will be supported by world-class instructors

EMTI’s training campus is being constructed to accommodate up to 4,000 Marine Engineers

May-October 2011 (Projected)

EMTI will complete construction of its Training Facility

The initial facility will accommodate up to 500-600 Cadets annually