Year of Degree                               Degree                                   Institution

          Dec. 1991                BSc in Mathematics               Addis Ababa University

          July 1998                 MSc in Mathematics                  Addis Ababa University

          Jan. 2009                PhD in Mathematics               National Institute of    

                                                                                         Technology, Warangal, India

    July 2005                   Higher Diploma Certificate

                                     for a professional teacher      Bahir Dar University

           Oct. 2012                Post Doctoral                        National Institute of

                                                                                        Technology, Warangal, India


         Since Sept.16, 2015             Associate professor, Bahir Dar University,

                                                      Department of Mathematics

         Feb. 2009- Sept. 16, 2015   Assistant professor, Bahir Dar University,

                                                     Department of Mathematics

Sept. 2000- Jan. 2006   Lecturer, Bahir Dar University, Department of



            Date and Organization

UNIVERSITY COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: (departmental, Faculty, School, College, Institute)

  • Head of the Registrar, Bahir Dar University, July 30, 2008- Aug 23, 2010
  • Course Chair and Council member, Mathematics Department, Since April 2011
  • Secretary, curriculum and standards committee, BDU, July 30, 2008- Aug 23, 2010
  • Associate Editor for EJST (Ethiopian Journal of Science and Technology), Science College, BDU, since Jan. 2014

    Research Proposal Review Committee member, since December 2010


    Science College Research Advisory Committee member, Since 2011


     Science College Faculty Staff Affairs Committee(FSAC), Since Feb. 2013


    First Science Annual conference Organizing Committee member, 2013


    Graduate Program Coordination Committee Member, Since Dec. 2012


    Graduate Program Modularization committee member, since Dec. 2013


    Chair man for the Committee “Selecting prospective BSC graduates to serve as an  assistant lecturer “in Mathematics Department, May 2011


    Member of the committee for the establishment of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Aug. 2013


    Member of the committee organized by science college to study the College ofscience Organizational structure, July 2013


    Freshman coordinator for First year Natural Science Students Education Faculty, BDU, February 2001 – November 2004


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Many of the physical phenomena in sciences and engineering are described by differential equations. Exact solutions of most of real world problems are often very difficult or impossible to find. Solutions to such problems can be approximated using numerical methods. Numerical Methods for solving differential equations is a vast area which deals with numerical errors, stability, parallel algorithms, convergence and efficiency of the method.

My research interest is on numerical methods for solving singularly perturbed differential equations and singularly perturbed differential difference equations (linear and non-linear). Among many of the methods being used; Asymptotic approaches, Numerical Integration methods, Fitted and Exponentially fitted approaches, Boundary Value methods, Initial Value methods, Spline and B-Spline methods; are some to mention.

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