The Seventh National Science and Technology Conference

Bahir Dar University holds the Seventh National Science and Technology Conference 

The Seventh National Science and Technology Conference was held at Bahir Dar University Technology Institute for three days starting the second of August.

Scientific Director of Technology Institute of the University Dr Seifu Admasu in this opening speech addressed the current status of the institute. Dr Seifu said the institute is currently running 18 BSc 28 MSc and 16 PhD programs in various fields and specializations. Speaking of the conference, the Director remarked that the papers that are going to be presented in the conference were selected based on their relevance to solving societal problems.

Dr Seifu added the conference is expected to address five thematic areas. The themes which were entertained in the conference are: Agro-processing industries for sustainable development, water resource and environmental engineering, recent advances in electrical, electronics and computing technologies, product design, manufacturing and systems optimization, and material science and engineering.

Participating in the conference, President of Bahir Dar University Dr Firew Tegegne and officials from Ministry of Science and Technology highlighted the special attention given to the sector by government. Saying this, they emphasized the need to strengthen every stack holder’s efforts to put Science and Technological achievements on the right track. In the conference, experts and students from the USA, teachers and graduate Program students of the University, invited professionals from different sector organizations and others interested have taken part.