Mission and vision


Bahir Dar University aspires to be one of the leading Research-Intensive Universities in Africa and the first choice in Ethiopia by 2030.


BDU is vested in with the following missions:

  Promote advanced research and innovation on  the basis of the country’s requirements;

  Produce graduates with relevant professions and necessary competences (knowledge, skills and attitude) to respond to the national labor market requirements to eventually ascertain the global competitiveness of the country;

  Improve lives through evidence-based and transformative community engagement;

  Enhance demand-driven and problem solving technology transfer

The Motto of Bahir Dar University Wisdom at the Source of the Blue Nile

Core Values

  • The guiding values BDU promotes and upholds in pursuance of its missions are:

    a)  Pursuit of wisdom

    b)  Excellence

    c)  Innovation

    d)  Social responsibility

    e)  Diversity

    f)  Internationalization

  • Strategic Themes

    The seven strategic themes are listed below. These strategic issues inform the process of developing the strategic objectives.

    1.  Excellence in instruction and learning

    2.  Excellence in research

    3.  Excellence in community engagement

    4.  Advance in human resource management

    5.  Enhance good governance and leadership

    6.  Advance in communication and partnership

    7.  Improve infrastructure and resources