BDU graduates 43 Maritime professionals

The Ethiopian Maritime Academic which has been established at Bahir Dar University graduates 43 marine professionals who have been attending training for nearly nine months.

The academy has now graduated a total of more than 1500 trainees who have been trained in different marine specialties since its establishment a little more than a decade before. The academy, which is a first in kind in East Africa, has been producing qualified marine professionals who have been employed in the international market. The employment of the professionals has not only benefited the graduates but it also contributes a little to obtaining hard currency. Bahir Dar University is more visible to the international community compared to other domestic universities because of the academy as the trained professionals are working at different levels in the international arena.

Speaking on the graduation ceremony, president of the University Dr Firew Tegegne praised the academy graduates not only for their academic performance but for their exemplary discipline they display in their training time at the university. He added the graduates are like ambassadors of their country while on duty in different countries, so he said the graduates should work on building and promoting the image of their country. The president reminds the audience and the graduates that the day is a historic day as the Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2019, Dr Abiy Ahmed, is receiving the honorary prize.

The academy’s human resource manager Ato Zelalem Tefferi on the occasion expressed that the academy is now graduating marine trainees for its18th time. He said the recruitment of the trainees includes medical examination. The recruits are also expected to be less than 26 years old.


Sunday 13, 2019
Bahir Dar University
December, 2019