Founding Directors and Principals

Founding Directors and Principals of Poly and Peda

Ato Bekri Abdulahi (later Dr.), Ato Yifru Gebeyehu and Ato Million Belete were the first three consecutive directors of Poly Technic Institute, Bahir Dar (est.1963 E.C). Whereas, Ato Matewos Gesesse, Ato Abraham Hussein (later Dr.) and Ato Ayele Meshesha were the first 3 consecutive principals of Academy of Pedagogy, Bahir Dar (est.1972). Surprisingly at both PTI and Peda, the first batches graduated under the leadership of the 3rd director and principal (Ato Million and Ato Ayele) though admitted under the first ones (Ato Bekri and Ato Matewos).

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