Billionaire classmates!

Daniel Mebrhatu founder and owner of Dan-Technocraft company that specialized in the production of escalators and elevator is seen standing right with a hat along with his classmate  Engineer Wubishet Hailu founder and owner of WATT Electromechanical and Pile foundation and Water Well Drilling Enterprise.They both belonged to Electrical Technology graduates of 1965 E.C. Technologist Daniel Mebrhatu was the first of Poly Technic Institute/PTI/ graduates to be an entrepreneur starting with curving letter templates for offices of the Ministry of Education and remain being unemployed by any  company other than developing his own. Engineer Wubishet started his business life being employed with 100 birr  in a governmental company during summer breaks right before joining PTI as a freshman. He managed to buy his first employing company 25 years later, during privatization periods of the late 1980s.