BDU Management Leadership Training

A Three Days Leadership Training for BDU Management Starts at Dangila
Bahir Dar University top and middle level management have started attending a training on 'Leadership and Change Management today at Dangila.
In this training organized by BDU's Total Quality Management Directorate and led by Dr Temesgen Dagne, the trainer, the university management members have been made to analyze the current context of the university. Also they have been set to scrutinize the leadership capacity the university has been demonstrating in the implementation of the University's Strategic Plan. The analyses were made so as to set a clear framework for the training.
The University has very recently been evaluating its 2018/19 performance and particularly the performance of its main functions (Academic, Research & Community Services, Information & Strategic Communication, and Administrative).
This leadership training is part of the overall endeavor of the university to evaluate its current standing so as to push further in the realization of its vision !
The training will close on Sunday.