BDU’s alumni, current presidents of universities

BDU’s alumni, current presidents of local universities

Former graduates of Peda and Poly of the current Bahir Dar University currently serving as presidents of Debre-Markos (Dr.Tafere), Ambo (Dr. Beyissa), Arbaminch (Dr. Damtew), Kotebe Education (Dr. Berhanemeskel), Assosa (Dr. Kemal), Debre-Tabor (Dr. Anegageregn), Adama (Dr. Lemmi), Gondar (Dr. Asrat), Worabe (Dr. Tofiq) and Wollo (Dr. Mengesha) universities having a group photo together with BDU's president Dr. Firew Tegegne along the shore of lake Tana and Peda's auditorium.