Anniversary Memories

Team BDU at Mekelle University! 
20 years back (in 1995 E.C), Mekelle University hosted the North Ethiopian Universities Sports Festival in which Gondar College of Medical Sciences and Bahir Dar University participated. The sport teams took part in various sporting events such as volleyball, football, table tennis, and basketball. In the picture below, you find Dr. Almaz Gizew, in red jersey sitting holding hands of other players, formerly a student in the Department of Geography and  currently serving as deputy head of Amhara Region Agricultural Bureau. Dr. Almaz, who is also the staff of BDU, was ranked as top female researcher in 2019 by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in an event hosted during Science Week with the motto "Ethiopian Women in Science". 
Standing at the far left with the football team is Ato Kassaye Mearegu from the Industrial Engineering Department, who was serving as the University's Dean of Students’ Affairs. (Courtesy: BDU's Sport Academy Archive Center)

Saturday 7, 2023
Bahir Dar University
March, 2023