Student Rights and Duties

A. Student Rights:

Subject to relevant laws and regulations, students have the right to:

1.      Learn, enquire, know, and understand.

2.      Protection of their constitutional human rights and freedoms, personal safety and security of their personal property.

3.      Be evaluated solely on academic basis based on the curricula and University Hospitals standards.

4.      Participate in a free exchange of ideas in an open academic environment.

5.      Have access to patients under the strict supervision of the clinical instructors/preceptors.

B. Duties Of Students:

1.      Students are duty bound to observe and respect the country‟s laws and the academic and non-academic rules and regulations of the University and the Hospital;

2.      Attend classes, laboratory practice, seminars, bedside teaching, ward round, grand round, journal clubs, public lectures, research, community attachment, conferences, etc., and respect the individual authority of any academic staff or invited guest in the leadership and management of the teaching learning process;

3.      Interact with members of the Department, School, College and University Hospital community in a respectful and courteous manner;

4.      Respect the privacy and dignity of all staff/customers/patients and stakeholders interacting with.

5.      Make proper use and care of the College and University Hospital property;

6.      Report any damage of the College and University Hospital property; and be liable to pay possible maintenance or replacement cost;

7.      Refrain from unlawful and unethical practices.

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