Public Lecture Conducted on Linking developmental psychopathology to prevention strategies: The case of disordered eating

Dr Dawit Shawel Abebe (Associate Prof) was the speaker of a public lecture delivered on April 24/ 2019 in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. He is a staff of Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan University. Dawit has a PhD in Public Health/Mental Health Epidemiology from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. He came to Bahir Dar for a two days official visit to look for possible areas of collaboration to work together. In addition to his communication with Department of Psychiatry and college officials, he presented a scientific lecture on “Linking developmental psychopathology to prevention strategies: The case of disordered eating’’. The college staff and graduate students attended the lecture. Dr Dawit explained on eating disorder, its epidemiology, developmental pathways, its development across the life span, (model of developmental psychopathology propositions) particularly on the principles of equifinality and multifinality. In addition, he clarified on implications for a research, risk factor study, and rationale for developing preventive strategies. He concluded his presentation with a remark that to plan preventive strategies, looking beyond the medical model of pathology is necessary. He also recommended to explore on a developmental psychopathology. The audience highlighted how much unique and relevant the presentation was and discussed different issues related to the topic. Dr Dawit finally addressed questions from the attendants.

Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 07:30

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