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The College of Medical and Health Sciences Library, which is located at Felege Hiwot Referal Hospital Campus, was established in 2011 as one branch of the Bahir Dar University Library System, with an objective to serve and promote the teaching-learning process, and support the research and community service functions of the College. Currently, the Library has a diverse collection which could satisfy the various demands of the college community.

For the realization of the objectives for which the College is established, the College of Medical and Health Sciences Library set out deliberately to function the following:

  • Select and acquire relevant materials, organize and provide access to information resources in print and electronic format.
  • Provide facilities and services to all library users.
  • Managing available resources efficiently, effectively and economically.
  • Meet the instructional and research needs of the College’s community of library users.
  • Provide information literacy training to all library users to encourage self-reliance in identifying, locating, evaluating, and effectively utilizing information resources and services.
  • Maintaining links with other systems at domestic and international level.

A. Library Services

In order to perform its function, the College of Medical and Health Sciences Library renders a variety of library and information services.  Some of the major library and information services currently available at the College Libraries include:

  1. Circulation Service includes Short Loan (Spot Reading) service and Long Loan (15 days and/or Semester  loan) service
  2. Reading Services which usually provides spot reading within the library
  3. Reader’s Services which usually provided by the College library are: Assistance given by the library staff, library orientation, referral/information service, display of library materials, and library tour.
  4. Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Service that helps users for accessing and searching information resources electronically.
  5.  Digital Library Service which delivers free access to electronic information resources and internet within the University’s intranet local area network (LAN)
  6. Internet Services to both students and academic staff of the college.

 B.  Library Sections

In the College library, the following sections, which serve as a backbone for rendering library services and provision of library resources, are organized:

  • Acquisition Section

The Acquisition Section, a part of the Technical Services Unit, coordinates and facilitates the selection, purchase and preservation of library materials in any format, and provides access to information needed to support the education and research mission of the College.  Books are acquired in accordance with the standard acquisition policy by setting priorities based on the information needs of users. Overall, this department handles selection of all library resources for procurement. This section is also responsible for preparing and periodically disseminating accession lists to the College community as part of its current awareness services.

  • Cataloguing Section

The Cataloging Section, a part of the Library’s Technical Services Unit, provides effective bibliographic control of the Library’s collections through the cataloging and processing of materials and the development and maintenance of the Library’s bibliographic database of cataloged materials. All books and materials acquired through the Acquisitions Section are processed and organized using the standard cataloging and classification system. After the classifying and cataloging tasks are done, the processed library materials are transferred for services.

  • Binding Section 

The College of Medical and Health Sciences Library has its own Binding section that is responsible only for internal library activity and academic unit which includes binding paperback books into hardcover for longevity, consecutive periodicals in volumes, and binding theses and also undertakes repair and maintenance of damaged library materials.


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