Interns and Residents Duties

A. Duties Of Interns:

Besides the duties stated for students, Interns should implement the following specific duties:

1.      Reporting to his/her duty station on time according to the schedule worked out by the department/school/hospital;

2.      Respecting the rules, policies and regulations of the College and University Hospital

3.      Clerking patients as soon as they appear in the outpatient department or admitted to the ward and keeping clear and concise records;

4.      Consulting the resident or the attending physician on the management of the patient and ensuring that the agreed upon management is carried out;

5.      Ensuring that laboratory and other investigations are ordered and carried out and the results are collected and appropriately documented;

6.      Writing periodic progress-notes the frequency of which will be dictated by the seriousness of the patient‟s illness;

7.      Performing or assist in various clinical procedures in the Regular OPD, Emergency OPD, Ward, Operation theatre, Labor ward, Recovery Room, ICU/NICU, Laboratory/Pathology Rooms, or Radiology and Imaging Dept. according to the guidelines of the specific department;

8.      Writing discharge summaries which, however, should be countersigned by residents or attending physicians;

9.      Updating his/her knowledge through reading and participation in educational activities of the department including morning meetings, rounds, mortality conferences, journal clubs, etc.;

10.  Assisting or participating in research activities conducted in the department;

11.  Working on night, weekend and holiday duties as per the assignment put up by the department, and formal handing over of patients to the next intern on duty and/or to the day intern/resident;

12.  Working closely and in harmony with all other health professionals involved in direct or indirect patient care;

13.  Conducting all activities in a professional and ethical manner;

14.  Informing any unethical practice observed to the respective unit/department/hospital.

B. Duties Of Residents:

Besides the duties stated for students, Residents should implement the following specific duties:

1.      Respect the rules, policies and regulations of the University Hospital

2.      Reporting to his/her duty station on time according to the schedule worked out by the departments;

3.      Evaluating patients in the outpatient, emergency and inpatient departments (incl. recovery rooms, waiting areas and ICU), and wards promptly and recording relevant information immediately

4.      Instituting appropriate investigations and treatment;

5.      Keeping records of time and date in patient admission, interventions, referral, consultation, discharge and formal hand-over of cases;

6.      Consulting supervisor in the management of difficult cases both in regular and duty hours, failure of which may entail both academic as well as legal consequences;

7.      Writing referral letters, discharge summaries, birth and death certificates;

8.      Performing procedures that are commensurate with his/her level of training and assisting in other procedures;

9.      Teaching medical and other health sciences students and supervising interns and junior residents;

10.  Participating actively in all departmental educational activities including reading, consulting, morning sessions/meetings, ward rounds, case presentations, journal clubs, seminars, grand rounds, mortality meetings, Tele-med education sessions/video conferences, public lectures, exam sessions, CBE, epidemic and disaster control programs, community services, etc.;

11.  Participating in clinical research conducted in the department;

12.  Participating in clinical audits and other quality initiatives;

13.  Taking more clinical, teaching and administrative responsibilities as he/she advances through the residency training;

14.  Participating in the administrative activities of wards/outpatient departments in conjunction with hospital/clinical service coordinators, Chief Resident and Head of clinical Department;

15.  As part and parcel of one‟s training, working on night, weekend and holiday duties as per the assignment put up by the department;

16.  Ensuring that cases during duty hours are properly handed over to the next personnel on duty;

17.  Conducting all activities in a professional and ethical manner.

18.  Take over classes with the approval of the head of the academic unit in emergencies, such as sickness or other unavoidable absence of the staff assigned, provided that such arrangement shall not continue beyond four weeks and provided further that in the above instance a resident shall not be given the responsibility for more than half of the course time.

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