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The Research and Development Directorate of College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Bahir Dar University was established in May 2017 under the new structures for Medical Colleges and teaching hospitals in Ethiopia with directives from the Ministries of Health and Education.
The Directorate includes research conduct and development, utilization of research findings, Research Ethics Review Board, and Field Research Centers.
In the area of research the directorate operates to develop research plans for each fiscal year, planning budget needs, support and follow-up of researches conducted by faulty. Additionally, the office coordinates and delivers research capacity building trainings to its staff researchers based on the needs that emerged from different schools.
The research directorate strengthens and implements research dissemination and utilization through annual research conference, preparation of proceedings and if applicable policy briefs. This is further realized by identifying key issues and bringing them to discussions on the way forward to implement.
The website of the College will be used to disseminate research findings as well. The Research and Development Directorate has a very organized Institutional Review Board that strives to ensure all research conducted by and with staff of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences have passed through the board review process obtain ethical clearance. The Board has developed an operational guideline that directs the process of clearance and follow-up of research practice thereafter.

The major areas of action of the Research directorate are development and implementation of guidelines for research, ethics and field research center, research project evaluation, support and follow-up, ethics review, develop and implement collaborative projects, dissemination of research, research capacity building to faculty, and strengthening the field research center.

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