Department of Psychiatry Launched the Graduate Student’s Journal Club

The department started its monthly academic day last year, by which different updated presentations were taking place in a monthly basis. It has planned to continue in a better organized manner by the current academic year too. 
The Department of psychiatry launched the student’s journal club on October 11/ 2019 in Tibebe Ghion campus, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. on the occation, the graduate class of 2nd year students will present their seminars, critical appraisals or lectures every fortnight.

Solomon Moges presented a seminar for the 1st journal club on “Spirituality and Mental Health”. He described the roles of spirituality and religion on mental health. Thier importance in producing love, honesty, trust, patience, tolerance, compassion, faith and hope were discussed by the presenter. Solomon also states as these in return has direct role in the mental health status of an individual.  
By focusing on miscommunications and misunderstandings of spirituality and mental health problems, the presentation stressed on how we can incorporate each norm of spirituality and religion to work together for the betterment of modern treatment seeking behavior, access to treatment, and quality of life of individuals affected by mental health problems. The audience that comprised of the staff and students further discussed on different issues related to the local situation. It was finally concluded by home take assignments to the stakeholders to work together with spiritual healers that include holy water, prayers and other similar practices. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 08:30

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