College Board

The College  has a governing board composed of nine members approved by the University Board. The members include:

  1. University Vice President
  2. One member from University Board
  3. One individual nominated by the FMOH or RHB
  4. Head of the Bahir Dar City Administration
  5. One community representative
  6. One individual from Civic Society Organization
  7. One individual nominated having entrepreneurial and change promoting credential
  8. The CED, and
  9. One college staff representative.

The College Board, being accountable to the University President, has the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Determine the mission and vision that articulates the goals and values of University Hospital.
  2. Are accountable to the University President
  3. Approve policies, plans and strategies to govern the University Hospital‟s operation and clarify the goals and mandates.
  4. Formulate plans for improving standards of health services where quality and equity are assured.
  5. Formulate plans to improve the standards of medical and health science education, research, and community service.
  6. Ensure the implementation of policies and programs by the appropriate departments and units of the hospital while functioning at the strategic level.
  7. Approve the annual budget of the University Hospital and ensure adequate resources are available for medical services, teaching, research and community service, and evaluate performance on quarterly basis.
  8. Nominate the CED in consultation with the University President to be approved by University Board as appropriate and define his/her authority and duties and assess his /her performance at least annually.
  9. Determine staff benefits in a value based manner in accordance with relevant government directive rather than on fee for service basis.
  10. Oversee the proper implementation of Health Care Financing Regulations.
  11. Review the Board‟s effectiveness through performance based evaluation parameters periodically.
  12. Enforce the strict application of quality management tools like EHRIG and University Senate Regulations when appropriate, mutatis mutandis.
  13. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability and transparency.
  14. Ensure community and stake holder involvement in the University Hospital service planning and delivery and the facilitation of the teaching-learning process.
  15. Ensure sufficient management and administrative capacities as well as adequate information systems in the University Hospital.
  16. Ensure flat organizational hierarchies, devise mechanisms to empower staff, train leaders and mobilize intellectual capital.

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