Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Currently, clinical subspecialists, specialists, residents, general practitioners, professional nurses, medical laboratory professionals, pharmacists, midwives, anaesthetists, physiotherapists, optometrists, mental health specialists and interns of the college are providing clinical service at Tibebe Ghion Specialized Hospital and the affiliated hospitals in Amhara Region.


Powers, Duties and Responsibilities of the CSD:

  1. The outpatient, the inpatient, emergency and critical care services, and OR will each have a coordinator;
  2. The coordinators are accountable to the CCD;
  3. The coordinators work in collaboration with all departments to facilitate the smooth running of clinical services, student teaching and research;
  4. The coordinators along with heads of clinical departments constitute the senior management team assisting the CCD discharge his/her responsibilities;
  5. The nominees for clinical service coordinators posts need to have the endorsement of clinical departments through the senior management team;
  6. The coordinators need to be medical professionals in good standing;
  7. The coordinators continuously monitor the efficiency and quality of service of their respective units and strive to deliver the best care ensuring equity in the process;
  8. The coordinators use evidence based tools like EHRIG to track the progress of their units.
  9. Shall undertake other activities assigned by the CCD as appropriate;

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