Chief Executive Director(CED) Office


The administration of the College and Specialized Hospital is led by the Chief Executive Director (CED) Prof. Yeshigeta Gelaw. The CED position is equivalent to vice president of the university mutatis mutandi.

 Powers, Duties and Responsibilities of Chief Executive Directors (CED):

  1. Is accountable for medical services, teaching-learning process, research activities, community services, and administrative issues of the College and the Hospital.
  2. Nominates the Chief Academic and Research Director (CARD), the Chief Clinical Director (CCD), and the Chief Administration and Business Development Director (CABD) to be approved by the University President. These with the CED constitute the executive management team of the College and the Hospital.
  3. The CED keeps the management structure flat with delegation of authority and empowerment of the chief directors/directors, Dean of Schools, Heads of Departments and Chair of Units, there by focusing on key strategic issues.
  4. Ensures that Schools, Departments and Special offices (Medical and Health Science Education Development Center, Center for Health Science Research, Ethics and anti-corruption, Legal affairs, Internal Audit, Gender and Person with Disabilities (PWD) office, Public and International Relations (Information and Strategic Communication), Capacity Building and In-service Training, etc.) and units are empowered to deliver the best available medical services, quality education, problem-solving researches and need-based community services in a transparent, accountable and result focused manner.
  5. Chairs the Executive management team of the college composed of Chief Academic and Research Director (CARD), the Chief Clinical Director (CCD), and the Chief Administration and Business Development Director (CABD).
  6. Chairs the College Senate (also called “Executive Academic Council”) whose members constitute the Chief Directors, Dean of Schools, Coordinators/Directors of special offices given responsibility to participate in the Senate. The members of the College Senate shall consist of the CED (Chairperson), CCD, CARD, CABD, Deans of the three schools, Director/Dean for Graduate Studies and Continuing Education (DGSCE), Director of Registrar and Alumni Management (Secretary), Director of Community Based Education and Community Services (CBES), Director of Research and Development, Coordinators of Gender and PWD Office, Director for Health Science Educational Development Center (HSEDC), one Staff representative (elected by the general council the college) and one Student representative.
  7. The CED is a member and secretary of the Hospital Board
  8. The CED is in charge of formulation, coordination, direction and supervision of all units‟ of the College.
  9. Initiate the Revision of the directives for autonomy of the college and recommend for approval by the College/Hospital Board;
  10. Ensure the decisions of the University Senate and/or the College/Hospital Board are executed;
  11. The CED forms different units or offices in his secretariat to assist him/her fulfill his/her obligations when approved by executive management.
  12. The CED establishes mechanisms to measure the quality of medical care, quality education and research and strives for continuous improvement.
  13. The CED oversees compliance with all relevant government regulations.
  14. The CED is the chief spokesperson for the College to spoke for various audiences and deal with national and international third parties.
  15. Ensure the formation and proper function of relevant standing committees in the College (The Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee (ASCRC), The Staff Recruitment, Appointment and Promotion Committee (SRAPC), The Research, Development and Publication Committee (RDPC), The Library and ICT Development Committee (LICTDC), The Student Affairs‟ committee (SAC), and the Admissions and Placement Committee (APC) and varied hospital committees);
  16. The CED shall keep current with emerging issues and technologies and ensure that staff members are also kept updated in these areas through training, access to resources and relevant opportunities.
  17. The CED is evaluated biannually by the University board based on the job description.
  18. The CED shall submit regular performance reports to the University, MOH and MOE as appropriate
  19. Responsible for hiring and firing of staff based on relevant civil service regulations
  20. Initiate the Recommendation of the conferring of degrees, diplomas and certificates as well as medals and prizes for approval by the University Senate;
  21. Initiate the formulation of criteria for admission of health science students, determination of academic standards, settlement of disciplinary problems and relating to graduations; to examine and decide on petitions relating to same;
  22. Submits proposals of different reforms (like: hospital management initiative, health care financing, etc.) to the board for approval.
  23. Appoint committees, which may include persons who are not members of college senate, to carry out any of its functions to exercise any of its powers;
  24. Examine and approve affiliations of health sciences colleges and hospitals in the Amhara region and beyond;
  25. Uses the University legislation and Federal Hospital Management Guideline for workflow.
  26. Shall undertake other activities assigned by the board as appropriate.


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