Chief Administrative & Business Development Director(CABDD) Office


The administration of the Office is led by the Chief Administrative & Business Development Director (CABDD) Dr.Amanu AragawThe office is structured in to two Managing Directors, one Dean, six Directors, and more than three coordinators.

 Powers, Duties and Responsibilities of Chief Administrative & Business Development Director (CABDD):

  1. The CABD is accountable to the CED and forms the executive management team with the CARD, and CCD
  2. The CABD ensures assigning of separate units and/or staffs for academic activities (college) and clinical service (teaching hospital) i.e. for: HRM, Finance, Procurement, Maintenance and facility management, Diet & Nutrition center, Laundry, Material and logistics Management, Security and Guard, Student service (Incl. student clinic), General services and campus beauty, Income Generation, ICT, etc.
  3. The CABD actively interacts with the CARD, and CCD to facilitate the clinical services, medical education, research, and community services.
  4. The CABD ensures the recruitment and retention of a qualified workforce that enables the college and the hospital discharge its activities.
  5. The CABD ensures that human resource development manual is developed and submitted to the university management and implement this upon approval.
  6. The CABD prepares the annual combined budget of the college and hospital for clinical services, teaching, research, and community service activities for approval by CS and the board.
  7. The CABD oversees compliance with relevant government regulation including safety regulation, employment regulations, and finance and audit regulations.
  8. The CABD establishes mechanisms to measure and continually improve the quality of support functions;
  9. The CABD establishes and meet goals for the maintenance and improvement to hospital buildings and college campuses and all physical assets including medical equipment and vehicles.
  10. The CABD is responsible for providing quality students‟ and patients‟ services.
  11. The CABD provides financial oversights advising the CED on mechanisms of generating income and minimizing expenses.
  12. The CABD ensures the proper implementation of fee waiver mechanisms and reimbursements.
  13. The CABD supports work force recruitment and retention, protecting the health and the wellbeing of college staff, and creating opportunities for staff development including leadership opportunities.
  14. The CABD ensures that all the necessary resources are available for the delivery of quality medical service for patients, quality education for trainees and quality research output by the institution.
  15. Participate in the college standing committees (The Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee (ASCRC), The staff Recruitment, Appointment and Promotion Committee (SRAPC), The Research, Development and Publication Committee (RDPC), The Library and ICT Development Committee (LICTDC), The Student Affairs Committee (SAC), and the Admissions and Placement Committee (APC) and varied hospital committees) as appropriate;
  16. The CABD establishes different committees or working groups to facilitate the objectives of medical care, teaching and research of the organization.
  17. The CABD facilitates the use of information technology for the day to day operations of the college and hospital for the accurate and safe recording, storage and retrieval of clinical and other hospital data.
  18. The CABD ensures that all posts and vacancies are filled on competitive bases based on merit.
  19. The CABD ensures that job security, tenure and incentives are provided and linked to job performance to introduce and implement change in operations.
  20. The CABD makes on-going assessment and ensures that management and leadership capacity building trainings are made available to address the changing roles and patterns of medical care teaching and research.
  21. The CABD works with all management members to develop the clinical management and leadership capabilities of all staff and students through on-going trainings, workshops, seminars, etc.
  22. Uses the College Directives, Revised University Legislation (2017), Federal Hospital Management Guideline, and other Federal Ministry regulations/guidelines for workflow.
  23. Shall undertake other activities assigned by the CED as appropriate.


Current Office Contact:

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Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

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