Chief Academic and Research Director (CARD) Office


The administration of the Office is led by the Chief Academic and Research Director (CARD) Dr. Melesse Gebeyehu.

 CARD’s Message

Bahir Dar University, College of Medicine and Health Sciences has been established to provide medical and health education, research, community and clinical services. The college is more devoted to the development of competent and compassionate clinicians, scientists and health professionals. The College is committed to bringing high quality standards in the medical and health sciences education, research and clinical services. The development of problem solving research and integrated way of medical education is the main strategy to bring and maintain quality standards in health care facilities.

The office of Chief academic and research director of College of Medicine and Health Sciences has high value in its education, research and community service mission. The new integrated way of curricular vision together with the interaction between faculty members and students, will take place at the most modern hospital named: “Tibebe Ghion Specialized Hospital”, its plan directed by a holistic view of medicine and health sciences. The new University hospital with its full physical facilities will allow both faculty members and students efficient interactions in a comfortable and safe environment for the generation and transmission of knowledge. The College is one of the youngest and was started with the medical doctor training program in 2007. Currently, it runs with 32 programs, 10 undergraduates, 6 specialties and 16 post graduate programs.

Therefore, we welcome you and look very much to establish our collaboration in medical and health sciences education, research and clinical services. We are hopeful that together, today begins a period in quality health education that will allow an improvement in the health of the citizens who need our services.

Melesse Gebeyehu (MD)

Chief Academic and Research Director,
Ast. Prof. of  Genereal Surgery, Consultantant Head and Neck Surgeon

College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia
P.O.Box: 79, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Website: Email:   /

Powers, Duties and Responsibilities Chief Academic and Research Director (CARD):

  1. The CARD is accountable to the CED.
  2. Formulate standards and work procedures relevant to the academic units, DSS, research, Institutional research Review Board (IRRB), Publication & Printing, and Community Service units in College in line with university wide or national policies, rules and regulation as appropriate
  3. Designs and enforces quality assurance mechanisms for academic and research programs and/or projects.
  4. Facilitates the mobilization and generation of resources to support the activities of the college‟s academic and research units.
  5. Participates in the executive management team with the chief directors and the CED.
  6. Facilitates and oversees the proper and optimal distribution of federal learning materials and equipment, library resources, facilities, auditorium, classrooms, laboratories and computers etc.,
  7. Participate in the college standing committees (The Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee (ASCRC), The staff Recruitment, Appointment and Promotion Committee (SRAPC), The Research, Development and Publication Committee (RDPC), The Library and ICT Development Committee (LICTDC), and the Admissions and Placement Committee (APC) and varied hospital committees) as appropriate;
  8. Initiates and facilitates external relations with a view of foreign partnerships with academic and research institutions, philanthropists and the industry.
  9. Coordinates collective planning and work towards aligning the academic and research units and their programs with greater inter disciplinary ties and joint operations.
  10. The CARD facilitates the smooth operation of the CEP, Graduate studies (Postgraduate program), CBES, Registrar office, Laboratory centers, library, and Tele-Medicine.
  11. The CARD ensures that research at the college shall be primarily on promoting the relevance and quality of research evidence to guide health policy formulations of the country.
  12. Uses the University legislation and Federal Hospital Management Guideline for workflow.
  13. Shall undertake other activities assigned by the CED as appropriate


Current Office Contact:

Tibebe Ghion Medical Campus

Tel: +251-0582-9 99275 (office)

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

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