Capacity Building & In-Service Training (CBIST)

Background Information

College of Medicine and Health Sciences, established in September 2007, is one of the autonomous college in the Bahir Dar University. The college has shared vision, mission, and values to contribute its part to the objective realization of Bahir Dar University.  The college is committed for quality of pre service education to meet the national needs of competent health science graduates that will participate in service delivery, research and community service. 

It is evident that capable health work force is essential to continually improve the quality of health programs management and health care delivery in the country. Besides pre service education, the competency of health workers has to be continually reinforced through quality in-service trainings. That is why developing appropriate continuing education for all categories of workers in the health sector has been one of the priorities of the Health Policy of Ethiopia. The health sector development plan (HSDP) IV, as part of the human capital development, targeted to standardize and institutionalize in-service trainings in the health sector. Standardizing in-service training ensures the quality of the trainings while institutionalizing them ensures the sustainability of in-service trainings in the country.

Based on such concept of standardization and institutionalization, the Federal Ministry of Health selected more than 35 local training centers to take the responsibility of providing need based in-service trainings to health professionals in the country. Among those, the Bahir Dar University In-service Training center is one of the national in service training center.

The CMHS In-Service Training Center was established in 2014 and starts to progress its preparations to give quality training for the national and regional health professionals as per the National In-service Training Directive for the Health Sector. Since its establishment, the BDU IST center, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health and Amhara Regional Health Bureau, and other partners, furnished training room, conducted nationally structured in-service training courses, a post training follow-up, and consultancy services.


The mission of the Bahir Dar University In-service Training center is to produce competent health professionals who would provide and regulate a comprehensive package of promotive, preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative health services. The IST center stands to deliver need based and demand driven in-service trainings, and consultancy services to foster socio-economic development of the country.


The vision of the Bahir Dar University In-service Training center is to become one of the leading in-service training center in Ethiopia by 2025.

Core Values of IST center

  • Quality first
  • Customer centered
  • Solidarity and Teamwork
  • Professional Integrity
  • Excellence in services
  • Trust
  • Care for staff
  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

Major Training Topics

The following are list of nationally structured in-service training courses which is facilitated by BDU-CMHS In-Service Training Center.

  1. BEmONC
  2. Cervical Cancer
  3. HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC)
  4. PMTCT/MNCH/RH Training
  5. Comprehensive ART /Consolidated/
  6. Comprehensive family planning
  7. Family Planning/HIV Service Integration Training
  8. Youth friendly service
  9. Sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  10. Mental health for HCWs and Case Manager
  11. MhGAP for HCWs and Case Manager
  12. Nutrition Assessment Counseling (NAC)
  13. IMNCI
  14. Basic Comprehensive TB,Leprosy and TB/HIV training
  15. Basic Preventiv care package training for CMs
  16. Help Babies Breath
  17. Clinical System Mentorship (CSM)
  18. Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  19. Pain Assessment and Management Training
  20. Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM)
  21. Compassionate, Respectful and Caring (CRC)

Contact Information

Getachew Setotaw Addis

In-Service Training Center Coordinator

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Tel. No.: 0588209833

Mobile: 0921600203


Contact CMHS

College Of Medicine and Health Sciences

Bahir Dar University

 Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Phone:- +251-0582-9 99275 79



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