Bahir Dar University College of Medicine and Health Sciences Launches Fellowship Program in Gynecology Oncology

(May 20,2021) Bahir Dar University College of Medicine and Health Sciences Launched Fellowship Program in Gynecology Oncology the first Fellowship program in Gynecogy Oncology today.The subspecialty in Gynecology Oncology is a new program under the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Itvis a two-year subspecialty program which aims at producing Gynecology Oncology subspecialists capable of providing advanced Gynecologic cancer car,education and high profile operational researches.The program is thought to uplift the clinical service and graduate training in the college in general and the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in particular.

On the commencement program, Dr. Essey Kebede, Vice president for the Academic Affairs of the university underscored that launching the Fellowship program plays tremendous roles in Amhara region in particular and the country at large in preventing cancer disease and providing quality clinical services to patients. He also added that the college has been proactively exerting huge efgorts in developing a ten-year strategic plan since last year and today launched a new subspecialty program in line with the national roadmap in this arena. Besides, he reiterated that apart from the teaching and learning process, this pragram enables the college and Tibebe Ghion Specialized Hospital to become self-sufficient in terms of skilled manpower which in turn helps minimize the number of cancer patients who have been referred to foreign countries. He highlited that this means a lot for the patients as it reduces huge amount of money they have been expending and time and energy they have been allotting while travelling for medical purpose. He extended his profound gratitude to the top management bodies and all the staff of the college for their successful commencement of the program.

Birhanu Gedif,Vice President for Administrative Affairs of the university and board membwr of Tibebe Ghion Specialized Hospital,on his part expressed that preventing the death of mothers or women caused by cervical cancer is apparently a critical issue that needs a high level of concern and attention. Launching a subspecialty program in Gynecology Oncology is a giant leap in an effort to uplift the clinical setvice provision.He also conveyed his delight for the commitment of the college in doing abd achieving outstanding jobs in varipus ways strategically and he said that for this reason the college is a source of pride for the university. Furthermore, he remarks that extra-efforts should be put into action to capacitate the program in many ways including project funds.From the university management,so long as the college is undertaking life-changing tasks,he said,it is at its disposal to support where necessary. He also notes that enrolling international students in addition to local ones in this field should be part of our ambition.

On the occasion, Professor Yeshigeta Gellaw,the Chief executive director of the college, enunciated that the commencement of the fellowship program is a historic moment and extraordinary achievement for the college and the university as well. He also said with conviction that the goal of the program is to lift up clinical service provision and to augment our capacity in taking the college to its next level which is congruent with the roadmap on subspecialty set by the Federal Ministry Health and Ministry of Science and Higher Education. As the first new fellowship,this can be a source of inspiration and motivation for other departments to work vigorously and launch their respective subspecialty programs too.He also mentioned that,indeed,the college is working strategically and dedicatedly to launch other subspecialties soon.Overcoming challenges and excel in triumphs creates an instititional capacity in carrying out future tasks in academic,research, clinical services provisipn and leadership practices commendably.He underscired that while launching various new programs, hospital expansion works are to be undertaken in consultation and collaboration with stakeholders. He acknowledged Tikur Anbessa and Saint Paulos and Gondar hospitals and Gynecology Oncology Association for their unreserved support they provided to launch this program.

The invited honorable guest for the occasion,Dr.Getachew Shiferaw, a gynecologic oncologist from Gondar University said launching this subspecialty program in this set up coupled with committed and ebergetic leaders will make it successful with no doubt.

A fellow of the subspecialty program,Dr.Eyaya Misgan, underlined that in Amhara region there is no gynecology oncology care though the region has significant number of cervical cancer patients. Hence, there is a high demand for gynecology oncologists who can lead and coordinate women's cancer prevention and treatment modalitirs. This program will equip physicians with the skills to provide cancer care and to develop the infrastracture for taining and research over time.

Dr.Melese Gebeyehu,chief academic and research director of the college, on his part, extended his thankfulness to the top management bodies of the university and Dr.Getachew Shiferaw for their presence and support in the commencement program. He reiterated that the college has overcome so many hassles to get there. It is because of sheer hatd work of the college in human resource development and expansion that makes today's program posdible. He also mentioned that all these were made posdible because of the dedicated staff and leaders the college has. He said thatcit is an honour and great pleasure to see the college manages to train subspecialists who can treat cancer.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 - 09:00

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