A. Hospital Administration

The administration of Tibebe Ghion Specialized Hospital (TGSH) is led by the Chief Clinical Director (CCD). Functional structure of the hospital encompasses academic, clinical and administration wings. The leadership of the specialized hospital are accountable to the Chief Executive Director (CED) of the college. 

B. Hospital Management



Hospital Senior Management Team (HSMT) shall have the following members:

  1. Chief Clinical Director (CCD), Chairperson
  2. Clinical Service Coordinators (Outpatient, Inpatient, Operation theatre, Emergency and Critical Care, Pharmacy, Laboratory)
  3. Heads of Department of General Surgery, Radiology, Pediatrics and Child Health, Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Internal Medicine.
  4. CABD and/or delegated hospital service administrative manager
  5. Support Service coordinators
  6. School Deans


  1. Assist the CCD to prepare hospital strategic and annual plans for submission to the CED and the governing board.
  2. Provide reports to the CCD on implementation of strategic and annual plans according to each committee member’s responsibility.
  3. Identify areas of concern in the achievement of hospital plans, and assist the CCD to find the solutions.
  4. Ensure that activities of the hospital are carried out with transparency and accountability and that all required report are submitted to higher authorities (e.g. RHB, BOFED, FMOH, MOFED) in accordance with government requirements.
  5. Ensure the hospital complies with all relevant government regulations.
  6. Provide financial oversight, advising the CCD on mechanisms to generate income and minimize expenses.
  7. Ensure proper implementation of fee waiver mechanisms and reimbursement.
  8. Ensure proper management of hospital buildings, estate, equipment and supplies.
  9. Resolve departmental or case team problems or disputes when these are beyond the ability of the department head or case team director.
  10. Ensure high quality clinical services by establishing and implementing mechanisms to measure and improve the quality of care.
  11. Support workforce recruitment and retention, protecting the health and wellbeing of hospital staff, and creating opportunities for staff development including leadership opportunities.
  12. Establishes mechanisms to involve patients and the public in the planning and delivery of hospital services and to maintain close consultation with community leadership.
  13. Work to enhance the organization‟s public standing and strengthen relationships with community, governmental and professional audiences.

Subcommittees of the HSMT:

The HSMT may establish a numbers of subcommittees to carry out specific duties related to hospital management. These include:

Quality Assurance Committee:-

This committee is responsible to establish and monitor implementation of quality management strategy for the hospital.

Drug and Therapeutic Committee (DTC):-

A Drug and Therapeutic Committee serves to promote the safe, rational and cost- effective use of medicines within the facility.

Infection Prevention Committee (IPC) :-

An Infection Prevention Committee serves to establish and monitor all infection prevention policies and procedures in the hospital

Medical Equipment Committee:-

The Medical Equipment Committee serves to oversee all medical equipment maintenance in the facility, including development of a medical equipment strategy, equipment inventory control, procurement plan and preventive and corrective maintenance.

Major Incident Committee:-

The Major Incident Committee is responsibility and co-ordinate emergency planning.


Current Director’s and Office Contact:

Dr. Zebenay Bitew

Chief Clinical Director (CCD)

Tibebe Ghion Specialized Hospital
College of Medicine and Health Sciences,

Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

Tibebe Ghion Specialized Hospital Campus

Tel: +251-0582-xxxxxx (office)

Fax: +251-0582- 205932

Website: Email:   /

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia


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