University of Hargeisa in collaboration of Bahir Dar University, College of Education and Behavioural Sciences will host the 1st International Quality Education Conferrence on August 10 &11, 2020 under the main theme : Quality Education For National Reconstruction AND Sustainable Development.Hence University of Hargeisa and Bahir Dar University would like to invite interested researchers to submit their completed research papers on the... Read More

በዚህ ወቅተ መምህራንና ሰራተኞች አመቱነ ሙሉ በስራ ያሳለፉትን ጊዜ በማውሳት ቀጣይ ምንምን ተግባራት ላይ በጋራ መስራት እንዳለባቸውና በአብሮነት የሚገናኙበት ማህበራ ግንኙነት ነው፡፡

Enhancing ICT skills of teacher educators at the College of Education and Behavioral sciences

The 34th May Annual International Conference has been conducted at the College of Education and Behavioral Science, Bahir Dar University on May 20 – 21, 2016.

Members of Faculty of Educational and Behavioral Sciences concluded their six weeks long training project on 8th of June 2014. The project entitled Training for primary and secondary school teachers on Basics of Instructional Methods, Action Research and Assessment & Evaluation of Learning involved teachers of Sebatamit Primary School and Ghion General Secondary and Preparatory School. On the concluding ceremony held at... Read More

16th of May 2014 was a special day for students of faculty of   Educational and Behavioral Sciences On this day several students were awarded in different aspects to recognize their academic performances and contributions in the affairs of the   faculty.  On the occasion the best three academic performers from each department, the student with the best conduct at faculty level, best peer leader of the PLTL at faculty level, the best... Read More

BDU:The University’s Teachers’ Association in collaboration with the National Teachers’ Association has recently organized World Teachers’ annual Day here at the Main campus.While welcoming participants, BDU’s Teachers' Association Chairperson Belayneh Ketsela explained that the objective of the annual day celebration was to discuss on ways of maximizing teachers’ role towards quality education efforts and to improve teachers’ engagement in... Read More

Dr, Maru Alamirew Guadie, a staff in the Department of Mathematics at Bahir Dar University, who has recently completed his PhD study at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, has donated six different mathematics books to the College of Science, Bahir Dar University. During the handover of the books, the dean of the College of Science a... Read More

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