Dr. Mussie Hailemelekot

Curriculum vitae

Name:  Mussie Hailemelekot Demsash        Sex:  male          Date of birth:  May 4, 1972


Associate professor 

Bahir Dar University

College of Agriculture & Environmental sciences

Department of animal production & Technology

E-Mail: musiehailu@yahoo.com

Cell phone 251 (0) 918700333

P. O. Box 5501

Educational Background

Doctor of Veterinary medicine (DVM) : Addis Ababa University, Faculty of veterinary medicine, July 26, 1995

Masters of tropical veterinary medicine(MSc):  Addis Ababa University, Faculty of veterinary medicine, July 23, 2005

Training, conferences and community services attended

I have attended workshops sponsored by PARC/PACE on methods of questionnaire survey as part of rinder pest eradication campaign, 1996

Trained Community Animal Health Workers (CAHW) sponsored by integrated livestock development  project (ILDP), 2001- 2003

Attended training on cattle breed characterization at Gondar by scholar from Austria, 2003

Attended a week long training on causes of hides and skin degradation, 2005

Attended a week training on Avian influenza diagnostic technique at Sebeta National Animal Health Research Center, scholar from Texas University, 2006

Attended training on Active learning methods of instruction  measurement & Evaluation in  higher learning institutions, ADRC of Bahir Dar university, Dec 25 -28, 2006

Attended training on Active learning methods of instruction  measurement & Evaluation in  higher learning institutions, ADRC of Bahir Dar university, Oct 29, 2007 - January 3, 2008

I am member of Ethiopian veterinary association (EVA)since, 1998 and participate in its annual meeting

I am member of association of Biodiversity and ecotourism since 2010.

Attended three days training on Ethical research in Bahir Dar, December 24 -25, 2011

Attended week long training on feed assessment soft ware, FAEST, ILRI/IWMI, 2013

Attended 18 day training on seed business management & seed valuechain trainer in Bahir Dar organized by BDU-ISSD  & Wageningen University, June 20,2013 - November 22,2013

Attended 5day workshop from 15 -20 July 2013 on Agricultural research science week organized by Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)  held in Accra, Ghana

Attended training on  WAT A GAME, natural resource management, ILRI/IWMI, Sep 17 -19,2013

Attended three days training on scientific paper writing and presentation at Bahir Dar. December 05, 2013 - December 07, 2013

Attended 6 day training 17 – 21 February 2014on value chain management (Agri business) at Adama, Ethiopia. NUFFIC NICHE/ETH/019, Netherlands.


Attended national workshop Climate Change and Its Impact on Agriculture & Food Security In Ethiopia  at Bahir Dar sponsored by BDU and USAID, 15 November 2014


Attended 5 day training 29 June – 03 July 2015 on community risk assessment in Stellenbosch university, South Africa


Evaluated Curriculum on BVSC in Haramaya university, 2017


Member of Innovation platform and action research of Nile Basin Development Challenge Program (NBDC) at Fogera woreda, June 2011- Dec 2013


Member of comminute service team on adoption of fish postharvest process and drier technology in Nabega, Infraz and Gorgora landing sites of Lake Tana, Ethiopia, 2013


Chair person of national annual conference under the theme of free grazing: opportunities and challenges, organized by CAES/BDU in June 2014


Member of national annual conference under the theme of agriculture and Environmental management for sustainable developments, organized by CAES/BDU in June 2016


Institutional position and Experiences

Field Veterinary worker from, North Gondar 1996 -2003

Acting team leader and Researcher of vector & vector borne diseases and Helminthology  teams of Kombolcha  regional veterinary laboratory , 2005 – 2006

Head, of Animal Science & Technology Department, Bahir Dar University,2006-2008

Instructor of Animal science & Technology Department, 2006-2018 instruct courses such as Veterinary parasitology, Food hygiene and public health, General microbiology, animal health & disease management, anatomy and physiology of farm animal, draft animal management, veterinary physiology, livestock and livestock products marketing. Advanced animal physiology, advance reproductive physiology, equine production, poultry disease, bee disease.

Coordinator of postgraduate, research and community service of college of Agriculture & Environmental sciences, Bahir Dar University since July 2012 – January 2014

Course chair of animal health and disease From April 01, 2003-- 28/08/05 EC

Course chair of Animal Biology and Health Management From 28/08/05 EC – to date

Course chair of General & clinical medicine, 20/12/2007

MSc thesis Advisor:

Characterization of Sheep Production System and weaning pre-weaning growth performance of Sekota sheep in Wag Himra Zone, Ethiopia


Lamb Survival, Growth and Reproductive Performance of Local and Dorper x Local Sheep in Eastern Amhara Region, Ethiopia


Monitoring of husbandry practices and harnessing of working equine in Hulet Ejenusie district west Gojjam, Amhara region, Ethiopia.


Investigation on hides and skins quality defects from production to processing in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.


Milk production and reproductive performance of Simada cattle in selected Tach Gayint district of , Amhara National Regional State , Ethiopia


Phenotypic characterization and breeding practice of indigenous donkey(Equus asinus) in selected districts of Amhara National Regional state, Ethiopia


Milk production and reproductive performance Evaluation of Holstein and its crosses with Borana cattle breed in two different Agro ecology: The Case in ALAGE and ARDAITA ATVET College Dairy Farm, Oromia Region, Ethiopia.


Reproductive performance of local ewes and the response to prostaglandin hormone based synchronization in south Wollo zone , Amhara region, Ethiopia


Prevalence of honey bee disease and pests(with emphasis on Varroa mite: and assessing honey bee poisoning risks in Waghimra and south Wollo zones of Eastern Amhara region, Ethiopia


Status of pathogens and pests in managed central highland honey bee (Apis mellifera bandansii: Hymenoptera) from Seka Chokersa district of Jimma zone, Ethiopia


Quantification of  major feed resources in Mecha district, west Gojjam, Ethiopia


Husbandry practices and productivity of goat in Tach Gaint district of South Gondar, Ethiopia


Phenotypic characterization and , breeding practice of indigenous donkey in East Gojjam, Ethiopia


Early warning and Emergency Management Systems against Epizootic Diseases in Fafan Zone of Ethiopian Somali Regional State


Investigation of causes of chicken morbidity and mortality in commercial and backyard production systems of  Bahir Dar district , north western Ethiopia


Evaluation of oestrous synchronization and mass artificial insemination (OSMAI) on reproductive efficiency of indigenous and crossbred cows in two selected districts of north Gondar zone, Ethiopia.


Prevalence and associated risk factors of bovine mastitis in small scale dairy farms in and around Bahir Dar town, Ethiopia prevalence and risk factors of Nematode and Trematode Diseases in Commercial Dairy Farms in Bahir Dar and its Surroundings, Ethiopia


The effect of drought on livestock and mitigation strategies of households in Hintalowajrat woreda, Tigray National Regional State, Ethiopia


Internal examiner MSc thesis on:

Status and constraint of Artificial insemination on cattle in west Gojjam zone, Ethiopia


Use of sugar cane top as basal feed for sheep in Bure district, west Gojjam zone, Ethiopia


Characterization of cattle production system and assessment of milk production in Pawe districts, Benshangul Gumuz regional state, Ethiopia.


Community based characterization of highland sheep in north western zone of Tigray regional state, Ethiopia. 


Evaluation of Artificial Insemination Service Efficiency and Reproductive Performance of Local and Crossbred Cattle in Central Highlands of Ethiopia.


Assessment of challenges, opportunities of the production and utilization of improved forage Spp and their contribution in the feed sources of Enebsie Sarmidir Woreda, east Gojjam Ethiopia


Assessment of the production system, constraints, opportunities and marketing system of small holder cattle fattening practice in Jabitehnan district, Ethiopia. 


Epidemiology of honey bee disease and pests in selected zones of Tigray region, Ethiopia


Assessment of breeding practice and evaluation of estrous synchronization and mass Artificial insemination techniques in dairy cattle in West Gojjam zone, Ethiopia.


Phenotypic characterization, production system and breeding practice of indigenous cattle population in West Gojjam zone< Ethiopia




External examiner of DVM students at University of Gondar in the years 2016 and 2017


Study on honey bee (Apis melifera bandasi) diseases and pests in Eastern Welega zone  Oromia region, Ethiopia


Chair person of MSc thesis defense on

Characterization of milk production system , marketing and on farm evaluation of effect of feed supplementation on milk yield and comparison at Bure district, Ethiopia


On farm evaluation of urea treated rice straw and rice bran supplementation on feed intake, milk yield and composition of Fogera cows , Ethiopia


Effect of Feeding washera lamb with graded level of sugar cane tops on feed intake, digestibility, and body weight change at Bure district, Ethiopia


Genetic parameter estimation of growth and reproductive traits of Fogera cattle at Metekel ranch, Ethiopia. 


Characterization of indigenous Chicken genetic resources in Districts of North Wollo, Ethiopia.


Husbandry practices and productivity of sheep under traditional management system in Goncha Siso Enebsie district, east Gojjam, Ethiopia


On farm performance evaluation of indigenous, cross bred and exotic chicken population in South Tigray, Ethiopia.


Comparative evaluation of milk production and reproductive performance of HF X Boran and HFX Arsi at Agarfa Agricultural technical vocational and educational training , Oromia Ethiopia


Phenotypic characterization and breeding practices of indigenous goat population in selected districts of South Gondar zone, Ethiopia.


Sheep fattening practice and on farm performance of Farta sheep supplemented with selected diet in Farta district, Ethiopia


Sheep fattening practice and monitoring on farm fattening performance in Fogera district, Ethiopia


Phenotypic characterization of indigenous dairy goat in selected districts of northern Amhara region, Ethiopia


Livestock production system and major feed resource and their management in selected watershed of northern Achefer district, Amhara region , Ethiopia.


Effect of community applied agrochemicals on honey bees(Apis melifera jemenitica) health in selected districts of Tigray region Ethiopia


Journal/thesis/seminar/unpublished work

Mussie Hailemelekot, Tesfu Kassa and Yilkal Asfaw, 2007: Seroprevalence study of bovine brucellosis in Bahir Dar milk shed, North Western Amhara Region, Ethiop. Vet. J. 11(2)119-136


Mussie Hailemelekot, Tesfu Kassa, Mulugeta Tefera, Kelay Belihu, Yilkal Asfaw and Mohamed Ali, 2007: Seroprevalence of brucellosis in cattle and occupationally related humans in selected sites of Ethiopia. Ethiop. Vet. J. 11(1) 49-65


Hailu Degefu, Mohamed Mohamud, Mussie Hailemelekot and Moti Yohhans, 2011: Seroprevalence of bovine Brucellosis in Agropastoral areas of Jijjiga zone of Somali National Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia. Ethiopia. Ethiop. Vet. J. 15(1) 37-47


Yeshiwas Ferede, Desalegn Mengesha, Gebreyesus Mekonnen and Mussie Hailemelekot, 2011: Study on seroprevalence of Small ruminant Brucellosis in and around Bahir Dar, North Western Ethiopia, Ethiop. Vet. J. 15(2) 35-44


Yiheyes A, Tegegne F, H/Melekot M, Taye M. 2012. Pre-weaning growth performance of Sekota sheep breed in Waghimra zone, Ethiopia. Online J. Anim. Feed Res., 2(4): 340-343.


Mengistie Taye, Belay Derib, Mussie H/Melekot. 2013. Reproductive performance of highland goats under traditional management in Sekota district, Ethiopia. Asian journal of Biological Sciences., 6(5), 271-276.


Fikirtemariam Aregay, Jemere Bekele, Yeshiwas Ferede, Mussie H/Melekot. 2013. Study on the prevalence of bovine fascioliasis in and around Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Ethiop. Vet. J. 17(1) :1-11


Mesfin Lakew, Mussie Hailemelekot, Getinet Mekuriaw , Solomon Abreha,  Haimanot  Sitotaw 2014 Reproductive Performance and Mortality Rate in Local and Dorper × Local Sheep   Following Controlled Breeding in Ethiopia . Open Journal of Animal Sciences, , 4, 278-284


M. Lakew, M. Hailemelekot and G Mekuriaw 2014. Evaluation of Growth  Performance of Local and Dorper × Local Crossbred Sheep in Eastern Amhara 

Region Ethiopia. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science. 4(4) 794 - 787.


Assefa Getie, Mussie Hailemelekot, Mengistie Taye, Zewdu Wuletaw and Assemu Tesfa, 2015  A Survey on Breeding Practice, and Productive Performance of Simada Cattle in Tach Gayint District, Ethiopia.  J. Life Sci. Biomed. 5(6): 171-180


Habtamu Ayalew, Mussie H/Melekot, Mengistie Taye, 2015. Husbandry practice and harnessing of equine. Lap Lambert Academic publisher


D.W Mengistie, K. A Wendimagegn, M.H Demsash, 2016. Reproductive performance evaluation of Holstein & their crosses with Boran cattle breeds in Ardaita Agricultural Technical ,vocational educational  training college dairy farm, Oromia region, Ethiopia, Iranian journal of applied animal science 6(4)


Destaw Worku, Kefyalew Alemayehu and Mussie H/Melekote. 2016. Comparative reproductive performance evaluation of Holstein Fresein cattle breed in two agroecological conditions, Oromia region , Ethiopia, Animal Genetic Resources, 58.


Destaw Worku, Kefyalew Alemayehu and Mussie H. Melekote, 2016. Comparative Milk Production Performance Evaluation of Holstein Friesian Cattle Breeds in the Two Different Agro Ecological Systems: The Case in Alage and Ardaita Atvet College Dairy Farm, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. Advances in Biological Research 10(5).


Solomon Tiruneh, Mussie H/Melekot, and Fanaye Shiferaw, 2016. Assessment of carting equine welfare and management practice in Bahir Dar town, International Journal of Advanced Research in Biological Sciences,3(12).


Habtamu Ayalew, Mussie H/Melekot& Mengstie Taye.2018.Monitoring of Husbandry Practices & Harnessing of Working Equine in Hulet Eju Enese District, East Gojjam, Amhara Regional state, Ethiopia, Applied Journal of Hygiene, 7(1):01-09


Mussie H. Demsash and Theodros B. 2016, assessment of livestock production and existing feed resource using FEAST tool in Fogera district, North western Amhara region, proceeding of the 2nd annual national conference, BDU, college of Agriculture & Environmental sciences. Ethiopia, June 19-20, 2015.


Prepared Amhara region equine extension manual in Amharic, sponsored by Brook Ethiopia-ORDA as part of equine welfare partnership project initiative, 2012


The effect of climate variability on domestic ruminant population dynamics and livestock disease outbreak in Amhara Region, regional conference on climate change and its impact on agriculture and food security organized by Bahir Dar University in collaboration with USAID,  Dec 2014


Prepared Amharic manual on dairy farm management and fishery management, 2015


Opportunities & Challenges of Live animal & meat marketing in Amhara, paper presented at the 4th Bahir Dar chamber of commerce, May 2016.


Preliminary study on the Prevalence, economic and public heath importance of Hydatidosis/Echinococcosis in Bahir Dar slaughter house and Feleg Hiwot Hospital, DVM thesis 1994.


Efficacy trail of Albendazole Pakistan and Tetramizole Greece (Deuxamine) on gastrointestinal tract nematode parasites in, around Dessie, Ethiopia. Unpublished.


Preliminary study on the efficacy of different anthelmentics on the gastro intestinal nematodes of sheep in Estie woreda, Ethiopia. unpublished

Computer skill

Soft ware application: STATA, SPSS

FAEST software

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft excel

Language skill

Written and spoken English                                                                                    

Written and spoken Amharic


Professor Tesfu Kassa, Aklilu Lemma Institute of Pathobiology, Addis Ababa University.

E-mail: Tesfuk@yahoo.com


Dr Firew Tegegne, President of Bahir Dar University,

E-mail: firewtegegne@yahoo.co.uk


Dr. Belayneh Ayele, Amhara national regional state Environment, forest and wild life authority, Director.

E-mail: belaye47@yahoo.com 


Dr. Zewdu Wuletaw, Director of GIZ Bahir Dar,

E-mail : zewudu_wuletaw@gmail.com