Adamkew Kelemwork


Phone No: +251918 45 87 57                                   

Curriculum vitae (CV)

  1. Personal information:
    • Name: __________________________ADAMKEW KELEMWORK FENTIE
    • Date of birth: _____________________11/02/1985 E.C
    • Place of birth: _____________________ DEKE DESET
    • Sex:       __________________________Male
    • Nationality: _______________________Ethiopian
    • Marital status _____________________Single  
    • Address: _________________________ Bahir Dar
    • Phone No:________________________+251918458757
  2. Educational background:
  • Junior :__________________________Deke primary school
  • Secondary school: _______________BahirDar Zuria secondaryschool
  • Higher education: ___________ BahirDar University Bsc Degree in Information Technology/IT and BahirDar polly Technique College Diploma/Level 3 in Hardware and Networking Technology.
  1. Qualification:
    • I have graduated Bsc Degree from Bahirdar Institute of Technology, BahirDar University by Information Technology on June 17/2009 E.C. And also graduated from Bahirdar polly technic college by Hardware and Networking technology Diploma on June 16/2003 E.C. I have also a competency (COC) certificate in Hardware and Networking technology level III and I have 3 month certificate in Microsoft (ICT and Entrepreneurship) from Alchemy World project, and I was taken the Intermediate GIS training certificate at GEODTC project-BahirDar University, also I have a certificate of effective teaching with the cooperation of NEED The FUTURE and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Bahirdar University.
  2. Work experience:
  • From 27/07/2004 E.C to 30/08/2004 E.C have worked in W/gojam High court as System and Network Administrator.
  • From 01/09/2004 E.C to 06/02/2005 E.C have worked in Bahirdar town administrative Market and transport office as Theory Examiner and Technology follower
  • From 21/12/2004 E.C up to now I have work as Information Technology Senior Technical Assistant in BahirDar University.
  1. Language skill:







  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent


  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  1. Reference:
    • W/gojam high court office of human resource management
    • Bahirdar town administrative Market and transport office human resource management
    • Bahir Dar University Human Resource Directorate
    • BahirDar polly technic college registrar
    • BahirDar Institute of Technology Registrar, Bahirdar University

7. Hobbies

  • Reading academic and non-academic books, the Bible, and following social media.