Undergraduate Programs

The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is currently running 8 undergraduate BSc programs delivered in regular, evening, summer and distance modes. All programs are a three year programs in regular mode except the Mid-Career Extension Program that only takes two and half years to accomplish the programs. The Extension mode delivery requires four years while the Summer and Distance mode of delivery require five.. The programs are listed here under.

  1. Natural Resources Management
  2. Animal Production and Technology
  3. Rural Development
  4. Plant Science
  5. Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Development
  6. Fisheries, Wetland and Wildlife Management
  7. Water Resource and Irrigation Management
  8. Mid-Career Extension
  9. Agricultural Economics

Apart from these, the College has prepared curricula of Environmental Sciences and Management (BSc Program) and Agricultural Economics (BSc program) and has conducted national curricula review workshops. Therefore, these programs will be operational as of the 2012/2013 Academic Year.