Yeshambel Mekuriaw Chekol

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information        

Given name:YeshambelMekuriawChekol (PhD)

Address:        P.O. Box 2172, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Telephone  Mobile: +251-0918769593


Nationality:      Ethiopian

Date of Birth:     21 / 09 / 1975

Gender:     Male

Field of Study:  Animal Nutrition (PhD) from Haramaya University awarded in October 2012

Work Experience and positions: 

  • Livestock and forage expert in ministry of agriculture from 1999-2005
  • Lecturer in Bahir Dar University the Department of Animal Science & Technology since 2006 up to now
  • Main activities and responsibilities: conducting lectures, research, community service
  • College of agriculture & environmental sciences farm manager from December 2012 to July 2015
  • Animal production MSc program coordinator since December 2012. Animal Feeds and Nutrition course Chair from December 2012 July 2016.
  • Served as farm manager for two and half years.
  • Kolela Solar model village Community service coordinator since November 2015
  • I have actively involved in the research and community services program of Bahir Dar University
  • Together with other professionals I prepared the Amhara Region Feeds &                                                         feeding road map from April to May 2015. The document submitted to Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA).
  • Together with other professionals I prepared the Amhara Region youth dairy enterprise document from March 2016 to June 2016.
  • Working as Technology Transfer and University industry linkage director since in May 2016.
  • Currently, I am research team member of five year (2017-2022) Next Generation Sustainable Land management (SATREPS) Japan project.


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YeshambelMekuriaw, M. Urge and G. Animut, 2011: Role of indigenous Bamboo species (Yushaniaalpina and Oxytenantheraabyssinica) as ruminant feed in northwestern Ethiopia. Livestock Research for Rural

Development.23(9).Available at

YeshambelMekuriaw, R P Moudgal and TilahunSeyoum, 2006.Modification & Comparative Evaluation of the Existing & Modified hay-Box Brooder in MechaWoreda of Amhara region, Ethiopia.Livestock                              Research for Rural Development.Volume 18 article # 63.


MuluBayray, EsubalewTamrat&YeshambelMekuriaw. 2008. Practical Attachment Program: Achievements and Constraints. The Triple Helix---University-Industry-Government Relations.International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development.pp.102-107.


   Professional-      Member of Ethiopian Society of Animal Production

   Civic society  -      Member of Achefer Development Association

    Civic society   -    Member of society for eco-tourism conservation and biodiversity



Name:FirewTegegne (PhD)

Address:BahirDar  University Tel: + 251918782297(mobile); E-mail: College of Agriculture and Environmental SciencesBahir Dar, Ethiopia, Po.Box   79


Name:GetachewAnimut (PhD)

Address: Agricultural transformation agency, Addis Ababa

Tel:      + 25193244514(mobile);E-mail: