Assefa. Abelieneh


                   EDUCATIONAL     BACK GROUND        


          Addis Ababa Universit Master in Development studies (Environment and Development) CGPA; 3.65/4


 Haramaya University BSc  Degree in Agriculture (Rural Development and Agricultural Extension) CGPA;3.74/4


Addis Ababa University Diploma in General Agriculture CGPA; 3.55/4


 Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

TellPhone: +251912117931/+25137403010


DATE OF BIRTH  August 24, 1975



LANGUAGE Amharic: Native English: Excellent

SKILLS MS offices,MS project,SPSS,STATA


-Participation in the social clubs in the office and in the community

-Engage in research and community service activities and enable the community to make better decision for the improvement of theirs’ livelihood

-Reading different books 


September 29  2017-up to now

Bahir-Dar university  community service -Kollela Model Village  site coordinator , Bahir- Dar University

-Identify  community problems and facilitate for proper program intervention

-Facilitate and communicate  different  development stake holders for better program development

    November 2015- October 2017

Head of Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

 -Coordinate and direct department members  for proper planning, teaching and assessment

-facilitate the overall teaching and learning process

October 1,2017 – up now

 Assistant professor 

-Engage  in research and community service activities

-Instruct and advise student

11 September 2011- 1 November2017

University lecturer in different Universities of Ethiopia (Bahir-Dar, Gondar and Meda wallabu)

-Instruct  university students various course in Rural development and Agricultural Extension

- engage in research and community service activities

17septemeber2007-23Novemeber 2009

Program officer in Action Aid Ethiopia

-Identify and develop different Livelihood programs

- Develop a standard project proposal on formation of strong and vibrant  Self-help Community Based Institutions

22 october2006-10 September2007

Graduate Assistant instructor in Hawassa University

-Facilitate the teaching learning process

8 march – 30 Octomber2006

 Program Planning and Monitoring Expert

Prepare zonal plan, Monitor &evaluate various Agricultural extension projects and programs  at Zonal level


Development program Supervisor

-Plan, Monitor and Coordinate human &material resource for rural development at the grass root level


Development Agent

Planning and Execution of various extension packages &community development works at the grass root level


Diploma certificate in MS Project,SPSS

Basic computer (MS offices)


Assefa. Abelieneh( 2016).   Community Based Organization for Livelihoods, In Upper Muga Water Shed; East Gojjam of Ethiopia; university of Gondar 26th  Annual, Research, community Service and technology Transfer conference ,June 24-25,2016,Gonar Ethiopia 

Assefa. Abelieneh (2016) Park Establishment and   Environmental Sustainability In Alatish National Park, North Western Ethiopia ; 3rd   Annual, Research, Community Service conference in College  of Agriculture and Environmental  Science in collaboration with the institute of  Disaster Risk Management and Food Security  Studies, Bahir Dar University  June 3-4,2016, Bahir Dar  Ethiopia


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  6.  Genanew Agitew And Assefa Abelieneh (2015)   Attitude And Conservation Practices Of Local Community Towards Alitash National Park ;  A Journal of Radix International Educational and  Research Consortium (RIJSS) RADIX INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN SOCIAL SCIENCE; Volume 4, Issue 11 (November, 2015) ISSN: 2250 – 3994



-Certificate Of Recognition;- “Provision Of Holistic Training For Ediget- Lerobit Saving And Cooperative Society”

-Certificate of Recognition; - “Improving the Performance of Rural Cooperatives on Agricultural Inputs and Output Marketing

-Certificate For In Coordination of Community Service In Project Of Proper Irrigation Utilization And Management For Enhancing Livelihoods

-Prize Certificate Paper with Two Months’ Salary and Scholar Ship Grant, For Bsc, For Better Development Implementation Performance in Crop Calendar of 2001 And 2002

-Certificate Of Recognition and Contribution Being A Committee Member In Organizing various events 


Benebru  Assefa (PhD) in development studies; Tell+251911567098 email:

Dessalegn Molla (PhD) in development studies: Tell +251936749577, Email

Genanew Agitew (MA), Assistant professor in livelihoods and Development: Tell +251-910060292, Email;