Abiy Menkir GIZAW


Full Name: Mr. Abiy Menkir GIZAW

Academic Rank: Lecturer

Current Administrative Title: Community Service Director

Tel: +251 911 303384

Office Phone Number: +251 58 320 6014

Email: abiymenkir@yahoo.com or abiym@bdu.edu.et

Po Box. 79, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Campus: Peda

Office Address: Wisdom Tower, 2nd Floor, Office # 202

College and Department: College of Education and Behavioural Sciences, Department of Adult Education and Community Development









Higher Diploma Programme

Bahir Dar University




Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management

Institute of Education, University of London, and Deusto University

UK and Spain



Sociology and Social Anthropology

Addis Ababa University




Adult and Lifelong Learning

Addis Ababa University





Addis Ababa University





Haramaya University



Work Experience

  • Lecturer in Adult Education and Community Development, college of education and Behavioural sciences, Bahir Dar University (since 2009 G.C.)

Professional Membership

  • Member, Tesfa Community Development Association since September 2015
  • Member, Society for Eco-Tourism and Bio-Diversity Conservation since September 2015
  • Member, Ethiopian Family Guidance Association since September 2015
  • Member, Adult and Non-formal Education Association in Ethiopia (ANFEAE) since August 2007
  • Member, Ethiopian Sociologists, Social Anthropologists and Social Workers Association (ESSSWA) since July 2009

Honors and Awards

  • Coordinated activities that resulted in Bahir Dar City receiving UNESCO Learning City Award in 2015
  • Undertake activities that resulted in the registration of Bahir Dar City as a member of the Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) in 2016
  • In collaboration with a colleague, mobilized resources to realize Bahir Dar University Resource Centre for Persons with Special Needs (the first in the University) in 2016
  • Received recognition certificate from the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Bahir Dar University in 2016 for undertaking the above activities 


  • Abiy M.G. (2015). Case Study 04: Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. In: Valdes-Cortera, R., et al. (Eds.) (2015). Unlocking the Potential of Urban Communities: Case Studies of Twelve Learning Cities. www.unesdoc.unesco.org
  • Abiy M.G. & Elexpuru, I. (2013). Improving Experiential Learning Courses in Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia – Launching Service Learning (Poster in Spanish).
  • Abiy M.G. (2010). The Working and Living Conditions of Female Ethiopian Domestic Servants in Middle East Arab Countries and Challenges for their Socio-economic Reintegration upon Return (ISBN 978-3-639-23518-0)
  • Abiy M.G. (2010). Some Aspects of the Lexical Phonology and Morphology of Harari (ISBN 978-3-639-11497-3)
  • Abiy M.G. (2009). Alternative Basic Education in Benishangul-Gumuz Region, Ethiopia  (ISBN  978-3-639-23105-2)


  • Undergraduate

Courses taught include (among others): Sociology of Rural and Urban Development; Social Change, Adult Education and Community Development; Social Work methods, principles and practices; Introduction to Sociology; Sociology of Education; Gender and Development; Networking and Partnership formation for Adult Education and Community Development (AECD); Community Mobilization in AECD; Management and Organization of ANFE;   Historical, Philosophical and Sociological Foundations and Adult Education; Curriculum Design, Implementation and Evaluation in Adult and Non-formal Education (ANFE); Research Methods; Seminar in AE and CD trends and Issues; Adult Teaching and Training Methods; Technology and its application in the delivery of ANFE; Workplace Learning and Continuous Professional Development; Adult Learning and Audio Visual Techniques.

Area of Research Interest:

Adult Education and Learning; Non-formal Education; Informal Learning; Lifelong learning; Workplace Learning; Traditional and Indigenous Knowledge/Learning; Craft Learning; Rural Development; Cooperatives’ Development; Income Generation/Livelihood Diversification Activities, Vocational Learning; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises’ Development; Urban Development; Learning Societies; Learning Cities; Learning Community; Community of Practice; Education-employment transition and linkage; Community Service/Outreach engagement, Service Learning, Special Needs issues; Gender Issues; Alternative Basic Education, Social Inequality; Discrimination; Migration; Multiculturalism, Multilingualism and Development.

Previous and Current Positions

  • Bahir Dar University Community Service Director since March 2016
  • Bahir Dar City Community Service Coordinator from March 2015 to March 2016
  • Bahir Dar Learning City Project Coordinator since December 2013
  • Intern at the Adult Education and Learning Section of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, Hamburg, Germany (August – December 2013)
  • Bahir Dar University Peda Campus Students’ Discipline Committee Member (representing College of Education and Behavioral Science) for 2007 and 2008 E.C.
  • Course Chair in the department of AECD since 2003 E.C.
  • Mentor in 2007 and 2008 E.C.
  • Academic Advisor in 2007 and 2008 E.C.

Community Services

Among others,

  • Co-Prepared Gender Responsive Integrated Functional Adult Literacy Learning Modules for Facilitators and adult Learners (together with department staffs) (sponsored by Facilitator for Change NGO, OXFAM GB Project), 2007 E.C
  • Organized a community service project and provided training for newly recruited female instructors of Bahir Dar University on Basic Computer Applications, Life skills and Typing/Keyboard Skill (2008 E.C)
  • Organized and provided a community service project (training) for Integrated Functional Adult Literacy (IFAL) Facilitators of Amhara region, 2007 E.C
  • Provided a community service project (training) for Integrated Functional Adult Literacy (IFAL) Facilitators of Bahir Dar City, 2008 E.C
  • Participated in Dengel (Papyrus) Re-development project in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 E.C
  • Provided training for Zonal and Regional Level IFAL Coordinators on facilitation skills in 2002 E.C

Committee membership

  • May Annual International Educational Conference Organizing Sub-Committee Member (2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 E.C)
  • International Day of Persons with Disability Organizing Committee Member, CEBS 2007 and 2008 E.C.
  • Geez Conference Organizing Committee Member, Abay Research Centre for Culture and Development (2007 and 2008 E.C.)
  • Currently Organizing the 1st Adult and Lifelong Learning Conference in Ethiopia (2010)
  • Organized Women’s Research Workshop, Research and Community Services Vice President Office (RCSVPO), 2008 E.C.
  • Organized Experience Sharing and Incentive Events for staff who provided and coordinated Community Service Activities, RCSVPO, 2007 and 2008 E.C.
  • Organized Training and Discussion Event at Dangila, RCSVPO, 2009 E.C.
  • Member of PGDT Issue Research and Recommendation Committee College of Education and Behavioral Science (CEBS) 2008 E.C.
  • Member of Tracer Study of CEBS Graduates 2007 E.C.
  • Member of Abay Research Centre for Culture and Development Conference Preparation Committee (2007 and 2008 E.C.)
  • Several other committee assignments


  • Language Skills: Amharic (Mother tongue), fluent English and, basic Spanish (A1)
  • Computing Skills: very good knowledge and skill in MS-word, and MS-power point, Internet Explorer and Keyboard skills. Working knowledge of SPSS. 
  • Driving license 1st and 3rd grade