Program Quality Assurance Teams (PQAT)

These are quality assurance teams which will operate at the program level. These teams will be formed from course chairs of the respective programs and will be chaired by one of the course chairs elected by the program coordinator. Unless otherwise the nature of the program dictates, members of this team will be 3 -5. These teams will be immediate quality-related information sources for the Faculty Quality Assurance Coordinators. These teams will have the following responsibilities:

  •     Following up whether what has been planned in course guide books is implemented;
  •     Observe selected classes and collect evidences of teaching-learning processes;
  •   Examine the nature of exams and report to the Faculty Quality Assurance Coordinator (FQAC);
  •    Discuss with the Faculty Quality Assurance Coordinators on quality issues of their programs;
  •    Proposing criteria for evaluating t-learning inputs (Modules, Teacher quality and current engagement in CPD activities, laboratory and other facilities), processes (instruction, teacher-student interaction, assessments etc.);
  •     Discussing criteria with the Faculty Quality Assurance Coordinator and the main Quality Assurance and Enhancement Center and collect information using criteria; 
  •    Working with the FQAC as data collectors when periodic auditing of input-process-output is conducted;
  •     Documenting and providing data (when needed) on the quality of classroom teaching, assessments etc.
  •      Carry out other responsibilities that can be given by the Program coordinator/FQAC and/or the QAEC on issues of quality assurance and enhancement.