The Head of the Information management Unit (IMU)

While the Head of the Information Management Unit is accountable to the Executive director, he/she will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  •    Working as key member of data collection teams:
  •     Organizing information gathered from different sources (e.g. data provided by Ad hoc teams after some assessment of programs, processes etc.);
  •     Analyzing and interpreting quality related data collected at different periods;
  •     Documenting  evidences of the quality of different processes of the university;
  •    Preparing seasonal reports on quality issues;
  •    Produces quality leaflets;
  •    Disseminating quality- related information;
  • Organizing workshops, conferences, symposia etc. on quality issues of the University for sharing experiences and good practices etc.;
  •  Other roles to be added as per the duties and responsibilities of the center.