Faculty Quality Assurance Coordinator (FQAC)

Note: In the remaining part of this document the word ‘faculty’ will be used to represent not only faculties but also other academic units (colleges, schools, institutes, academies etc.) functioning with parallel capacities.


This coordinator will be elected by the dean of the respective faculty/college/school etc. This coordinator may preferably be elected from outside course chairs, program course chair coordinators in the faculty. While this coordinator is accountable to the respective faculty dean, he/she will work with the university Quality Assurance and Enhancement Center and serve as the main quality-related information source about the faculty.

Hence, this coordinator will have the following responsibilities:


  •    Discussing with the faculty members and students regarding matters of quality of teaching and assessment, research activities and CPD of the staff;
  •     Collecting data (when necessary) on the appropriateness of the teaching-learning, assessment, research and CPD activities of teachers etc.;
  •   Discussing with the main QAEC on the quality of these processes in the faculty;
  •     Liaising with the QAEC and Quality Enhancement Unit and suggesting trainings for teachers, students etc.;
  •    Documenting evidences of quality of the teaching-learning, research and other activities of the faculty;
  •    Preparing and submitting to the QAEC  periodic report of the faculty on quality assurance practices;
  •    Coordinating the quality assurance teams of programs in the faculty;
  •    Working as a member of a team when quality auditing is done in the faculty;
  •     Carrying out other responsibilities that can be given by the faculty dean and/or the QAEC on issues of quality assurance and enhancement.