The Executive Director for the QAEC

While the Executive Director, Quality Assurance and Enhancement Center, is accountable to the president of the university, he/she will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  •  Planning the annual action plan of the Center based on the University’s strategic plans;
  • Planning for the auditing of t-learning, research and community service activities and processes of the University;
  •     Leading, coordinating and supporting quality assurance and enhancement processes of the institution;
  •     Leading the implementation of the internal and external auditing in the university:
  • Preparing plans for budget, allocating and controlling the budget;
  •   Assisting and coordinating faculty self evaluations;
  •  Designing quality review checklists and documents;
  •   Assessing how programs and courses are approved, monitored and reviewed;
  •    Monitoring how classroom teaching is conducted and how students are assessed;
  • Coordinating and supervising all activities carried out by the different units of the center;
  •   Answering questions from all stakeholders regarding the quality assurance and enhancement policies and implementations of the institution;
  • Creating relationships with other bodies outside the university on quality related issues;
  •  Advising on Quality Assurance matters in all academic programs;
  •   Selecting Ad hoc teams which will take part in auditing programs, courses etc;
  •   Preparing the quality audit and enhancement reports of the Center;
  •  Maintaining and updating the Center’s Website;
  •   Other roles to be added as per the duties and responsibilities of the center.