The Director for the Quality Audit and Assessment Unit (QAAU)


While the Director for the Quality Audit and Assessment Unit is accountable to the Executive Director, he/she will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  •    Setting standards for input-process-outputs of teaching-learning, research and community services provided at different levels of the university;
  •    Defining the expected competencies that the students should demonstrate on completion of their studies;
  •     Stating policy on relevant curriculum design, development, delivery and review;
  •   Assessing the standards of teaching-learning processes as well as learning outcomes and competencies using varieties of methods and tools;
  •   Ensuring whether the educational resources (human and material) are identified and put in place before the opening of programs;
  •   Developing different formats for auditing;
  •    Making periodic auditing on different processes of the university in consultation with a wider range of stakeholders;
  •     Monitoring students’ progress and employability;
  •    Checking whether methods of student assessment are comparable to the international best practices;
  •    Facilitating data collection when quality auditing and assessments are conducted;   
  •  Other roles to be added as per the duties and responsibilities of the center.