The Director for the Quality Enhancement Unit (QEU)

While the Director of the Quality Enhancement Unit is accountable to the Executive Director, he/she will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  •   Guiding activities of developing, reviewing and updating of training manuals related to quality enhancement;
  •   Organizing induction and orientation programs for new entrant students as well as faculty members;
  •     Assessing the training needs of the academic, administrative and support staff of the university;
  •     Facilitating trainings which are deemed relevant in improving the quality of t-learning, research and community services;
  •    Organizing and offering trainings tailored to the particular needs of staff;
  • Selecting experts who will provide particular trainings to the staff of the university;
  •   Arranging training packages for different institutions when they are in need;
  •    Providing training venue and assisting in trainings for the community when requested;
  •    Suggesting trainings on the essence of quality and quality assurance and enhancement practices;
  • Coordinating the continuous professional development, pedagogical skills training and other academic development activities;
  • .Enhancing capacity for improving and utilizing information and communication technology;
  • .Improving the skills of technical staff, especially in science laboratories, in handling equipment and conducting experiments;
  • Facilitating any capacity development activities which will be geared towards the improvement of the quality of education, research and community services;
  •  Other roles to be added as per the duties and responsibilities of the center.