Major Activities

The Center shall have the following basic activities to undertake at institutional level:

  •  Undertaking planned and systematic review of the teaching-learning process at institutional level to determine whether acceptable standard of education is being maintained;
  •    Supporting and promoting practices related to educational improvement and institutional quality enhancement;
  •   Carrying out periodic monitoring of the university’s departments and offices and produce evaluation reports;
  •    Recommending remedial actions when gaps are observed from the auditing of input-process-outputs of the t-learning, research and community services of the university;
  •   Organizing and offering trainings tailored to the particular needs of staff;
  •   Organizing and providing trainings on courses intended to develop the academic communication and study skills of students by widening their academic experience and competences;
  •    Following up the induction given (to new entrant students as well as faculty members) by the academic offices;
  •    Monitoring the assessment and evaluation systems of the teaching and learning process;
  •   Organizing and conducting seminars, symposia and conferences with the aim of disseminating quality-related information (including research findings);
  •   Publishing the Center’s own research and other works which would either directly or indirectly contribute to educational improvement or service delivery in the university;
  • Providing advice, consultancy and support to partner schools and institutions on quality assurance and enhancement issues;
  •  Following up the practicality or implementation of recommendations made by the Center, HERQA or others;
  • Processing, documenting and disseminating data related to the quality of t-learning, research and community services of the university;
  • Preparing the self-evaluation document for HERQA and CEPU;
  • Doing other activities given by the president.