Open Forum on Sustainability and Institutional Culture holds at BDU

An open forum which focuses on sustainability and institutional culture was held yesterday at the main campus of Bahir Dar University.
The forum which was organized by the Capacity Building Center of the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Directorate was intended to create an opportunity for the university community to openly discuss the current condition of the university in the creation of sustainable systems in teaching-learning, research, community services and leadership at large.
On the occasion, where there were four panelists, the steps the university has gone in creating these systems so far and the contextual challenges going counter to the creation of sustainable systems in the university have been were well digested.
The participants agreed that although there are some developments in what the university has done to create such systems, the culture of critically examining what has been done so far and innovatively building on these experiences and creating sustainable systems has not developed to the expected level especially in academic activities and even in leadership. Moreover, it has been admitted that the culture of documentation of information about what has been going on the institution, analyzing, interpreting it in a way it shows the progresses made and transferring to new leaders (academic and administrative) has not been strong and it has weakened the overall culture of creating strong sustainable systems in the university.
Participants of the forum have expressed their satisfaction on what has been done to bring the university community together to discuss this very timely issue and to suggest ways of solving their own problems.
The president of the university, Vice presidents, professors, academic and administrative leaders as well as teachers were participants of the forum.