Message from the Executive Director

Evidently, Bahir Dar University has been exerting tremendous efforts to provide the best quality teaching, research and community services to beneficiaries and produce competent, skilled and problem-solving graduates who will play instrumental roles in the development of the nation. In achieving these objectives, the University has prepared a Strategic Plan to be implemented from 2011 to 2016; it has also gone many steps in the implementation of this plan. As part of the special attention it has given to the improvement of the quality of its core processes, the University has recently established the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Center which will assist in the development of quality-focused culture of teaching, research and community service

While the ultimate purpose of the Center is to assist in enhancing the quality of the core processes of the university, i.e., teaching, research and community services, it will also make utmost efforts to ensure the quality of these processes through continuous auditing of the input-process and outputs of these important functions. The objectives of the Center are, therefore; to strategically assist the University to: enhance the quality of the teaching-learning with a view to produce high quality human capital, a goal which stands in line with the felt needs of the country; establish a productive and effective research culture at the University, i.e. a culture of initiating, designing and conducting researches that better inform the teaching-learning, the industry as well as public policies and practices; and enhance the quality and spectrum of community services provided by the University.

Hence, the multiplicity of purposes of the Center clearly indicates that the contribution of a number of stakeholders is earnestly needed so that the Center can successfully discharge its responsibilities and become instrumental in institutionalizing quality-focused culture of teaching-learning, research, and community services at the University. In fact, one of the most important steps in the development of this culture is having a shared understanding that quality is all the result of collective efforts and it is our common concern. In light of this, the Center earnestly urges all stakeholders to harmoniously act towards the creation of this culture in the institution.

 Zewdu Emiru (PhD)

 Executive Director,

 Quality Assurance and Enhancement Center