vision and mission


Vision, mission and objectives


To be a reliable center for assisting Bahir Dar University develop and implement a quality-focused culture in its journey to become one of the ten premier research universities in Africa by the year 2025.


To ensure and enhance the quality and relevance of teaching, research and community services provided by Bahir Dar University and assure key stakeholders of the university that programs of study, the t-learning, research and community services are of high quality and relevant.



The objectives of the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Center of Bahir Dar University include the following:

  •   To assure the quality and relevance of services (t-learning, research and community services) of the university;
  •   To improve the quality of t-learning, research and community services through enhanced support processes;
  • To identify areas of strength and areas which need focused attention for continuous improvement;
  •   To monitor and support the quality of different programs in the University;
  •   To facilitate staff development practices in the university
  • To nurture the culture of high student engagement in learning and the culture of continuous assessment to improve the quality and standards of education in the university;
  •  To monitor and support quality research and community services by BDU;
  • To facilitate the development of a culture of continuous quality improvement in achieving academic excellence