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About us

ICT Development office has 42 staffs of which 10 of them are Academic and the remaining are Administrative staffs


The mission of the Information and Communication Technology Development Office is to provide Information Technology (IT) resources for teaching, research and community services of the University. It is committed to delivering quality customer service and technical solutions in the academic and administrative environment of the BDU community.


The overall objective of ICT Development office lies on addressing the key ICT needs in Bahir Dar University. These include:-

  • Build and Administrate Communication Infrastructure, Automation of business processes, Develop digital Content and Advanced Research facilities.


The ICT Development office is responsible for all information systems development, customization, deployment and continual improvement across the University and all its campuses. It administrate the University LAN, website and mail server including other content management systems.ICT Development office as well resolving systems issues and maintenance of office electronic and Networks. Indeed the office suggests different ICT solution in order to facilitate the t-learning and administrative duties.

Organizational structure

BDU knows that ICT is a means to advance the core academic processes, to facilitate Administrative functions and research needs of the University. Thus the university has reorganized the ICT development office as that of 2011 in a new fashion which comprises four directorate directors under the executive Director, Indeed the office directly accounted to the president of the University


Organizational Structure of ICT Office

ICT Infrastructure and Services Unit


Business Applications Development and Administration Unit


Teaching-Learning Technologies Unit

Teaching-Learning Technologies unit encompasses Website Administration, eLearning, Content Development and Video Conferencing sections.

Duties and responsibilities of this unit are to:-

  • Collaborate with executive team and course  managers to assess each department’s e-learning subject matter needs
  • Oversee the conceptualization, development, and layout of the appropriate technical infrastructure required to deliver digital e-learning content to its audience.
  • Coordinate and maintain the university’s  e-learning intranet or Website by posting and updating course materials, grades, and other information
  • Design, develop, and deliver both distance and in-class Web-based training Programs and courses, including all course materials, exercises, and skills evaluations.
  • Customize, configure, maintain and administer e-learning software and assist video conferences.
  • Assist, coordinate and manage website administrators, content developers, e-learning administrators and video conferencing technicians.
  • Review all ICT related specifications and make recommendations
  • Prepare and submit quarterly report to the executive director
  • Develop e-learning and website policies
  • Carry out any other activities assigned to him by the executive director.

Staff Members of the Unit





Phone Number


Esubalew Alemneh




Melkamu Seweyie

eLearning Expert



Ermias Ebissa

eLearning Expert



Yohannis Biadglign

Senior Website Administrator



Tessema Mekrie

Senior Website Administrator



Birhanu Teshale

Senior Website Administrator



Ayenew Abera

eLearning Expert



Daniel Demile

Video Conferencing Expert



Meseret Gashaw

Video Conferencing Expert



Ljalem Shitaw

Video Conferencing Expert




Content Developer





Content Developer



ICT Support and Maintenance Unit


ICT Training and Consultancy Services Unit


Major tasks going on

  • Student Information Management system has developed and implemented with two ICT staff SIMS has began its function at the beginning of 2011 and now more than 80 percents of students information are manipulated with this application system, Indeed it is expected to change drastically the BDU students record and course management
  • Bahir Dar University has begun to build its network infrastructure in a new fashion with more than 60 million Birr. BDU has outsourced its Local area network infrastructure building. The project has started on June, 2011 and now most of the network devices are delivered at the university’s store. The project has already trunk and punch down the cables in the buildings.
  • Has began developed different information systems, Store management system, Human resource management systems and others
  • Yibab Campus network building project Start to its implementation with over 14 million Birr
  • Zenzelema, Agriculture and environmental College Network building will start soon.

News and events

ICT development office in collaboration with the LMCD subproject has given ten days Cisco Certified Network Professional training for its Network case team members