BDU hosts the 4th Consortium of Medical Schools

Bahir Dar University College of Medicine and Health Science has hosted the fourth consortium of Medical Schools in Ethiopia. The consortium was held for two consecutive days at Grad Resort and Spa meeting hall.

The consortium is the union of public and private medical schools across Ethiopia and created with the objective of improving the medical education system of the country by increasing the number of physicians and quality of training. It has also aimed at human capacity building through enhanced recruitment of qualified academic medical faculty members.
A discussion on the current national medical school curriculum was one of the agenda in the consortium. Faculty members from different medical Schools have presented papers and also shared their respective school experience in teaching medical and health science.

Representatives of medical schools and other institutions including the Director of Human Resource Development Directorate at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Getachew Tola, have attended the consortium.

The participants have also visited BDU’s new medical campus and hospital.