University-industry linkage consultative workshop held

The 2nd regional university-industry linkage consultative workshop has held at Bahir Dar Institute of Technology with a theme of “Integrated Knowledge and Technology Transfer for better Industrial Development” on 9th of June, 2017.

BDU’s president, Dr. Baylie Damtie, in his opening remark to the workshop said that university-industry linkage has huge significance for students in acquiring practical knowledge and for modernization of the manufacturing sector. He particularly emphasizes on the current challenge that instructors and students are facing in converting their knowledge and skills into practice and ultimately to resource. University-industry linkage is one of the ideal platform for this challenge, he added.

The collaboration between universities and the manufacturing sector, even if it is still developing, would positively impact the vision of the government of making the region beneficiary from the industrial sector, Head of Amhara National Regional State Trade, Industry and Market Development Bureau Ato Tesfaye Getachew said in the occasion. Ato Tesfaye also appreciates the consultative workshop as it would increase the commitment of both sides.

BIT’s university-industry linkage and community service director, Dr. Sisaye Geremew, has explained the efforts and activities that the institute has made in relation to creating platforms with the industrial sector. He also talked about the challenges that they are facing in doing such issues as well as about lack of technological inputs.

Papers in the area were presented by researchers. Innovations by students and other researchers were also visited.