Faculty of Humanities held the 4th International Conference

BDU’s Faculty of Humanities has held the 4th International conference on language, culture and communication from 17-18th of March 2017 at Peda Campus, Auditorium Hall. 

In his opening speech, Dr. Alemayehu Bishaw, Dean of Postgraduate Programme, has made a brief explanation about the university and the activities that it has been undertaking to become a primer research university. He also added that the conference will have immense contribution for research in areas of language, culture, communication and literature.  

Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Dawit Amogne, explained that the objective of the conference is to increase the discourse of postgraduate and academic staff of BDU on areas of language, culture and communication by presenting different research works undertaken at national and international level. The conference has also the objective of bringing the usual research approach in the faculty into international standard by incorporating new ideas and principles, according to Dr. Dawit. To this end, the faculty has invited Prof Rod Hills, a distinguished professor from Australia, and let him to share his experience in the field to the participants of the conference. In addition, Phd students will be having experience sharing programme on specific issues with the professor after the conference.  

Different research papers were presented by faculty members and invited guests.