School held May Seminar

Bahir Dar University School of law has held May Seminar at old senate meeting hall, Peda campus. In the seminar research works conducted by the Law School staff in 2009 and the best senior thesis from graduating law students were presented.

Among others, researches conducted on ‘the law of pardon and parole and their enforcement in the Bahir Dar Prison Center’ by Belaynh Admasu(Ass. Prof) and Mr. Alemu Dagnaw are worth mentioning

The best senior thesis by Yemisrach Belay was made to be presented at the seminar following the decision of the School Academic Council. Yemisrach has done an exemplary work by analyzing the adequacy of international humanitarian in regulating explosive weapons and ruminants of war.   The School has taken this initiation to encourage and cultivate research culture of students in the School. It was taken as breakthrough and other academic units should take a lesson. In addition, the School has awarded the student.

Staff members, stake holders from different institutions who have close connection with research presented, and other interested individuals have attended the event.  The participants have forwarded critical and constructive feedbacks, and agreed to work in collaboration with the School to solve the problems discovered by the researches.