Center for Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

Learning throughout life has become considerably important in the 21st century. As result, due attention is being given to both life-wide and lifelong learningby international communities as well as by the Ethiopian government. Thus, the education of adults is high on agenda and of course such commitments are visible in the respective policy documents, strategies and programs.  Actual efforts are also being made to create access for adult learning in Ethiopia. Such endeavour, however, needs to be supported by research so as to take appropriate decisions on the problems faced in adult and life learning in Ethiopia. It was with this spirit that the Center for Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (CAELL) was established as a section under the IPER. The Center for Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (CAELL) is generally aimed at conducting relevant research and providing trainings on the gaps identified related to the issues of adult education and lifelong learning. The focus areas include but not limited to workplace learning, Functional Adult Education, Community Participation in School and Family Literacy.